Iraq’s “Chakrabongse” unanimously welcomed Send Thai fists to stock 5 bronze medals in the 2022 Asian Boxing Championships.

Asian Boxing Championships 2022 in Jordan Last night, there were Thai fighters on stage in 3 categories in the quarter-finals.

Model 86 kg. Chakrabongse Yomkot meets Amir Khadim Ganikanim (Iraq) Chakrabongse, who continues to punch the Iraqi fighter, seems to be more accurate and complete, completing 3 rounds. Raise your hand to the fighter Thai won the score by unanimous votes 5-0 to qualify for the semi-finals. along with guaranteeing a bronze medal as the 5th Thai boxers medal in this list

As for the other two results, the 75 kg class, Bowon Kadamduan lost points, Sumit, an Indian fighter, was unfortunately eliminated 2-3, and the 80 kg version, “Game” Weerapol Jongjohor, lost to Nerbeck, Oral Bay, the 2nd favorite of the show from Kazakhstan 1-3 votes, was also eliminated.

For the work of Thai fighters Qualified to the semi-finals with a guarantee of bronze medals in all 5 categories. On November 9, Thai female boxer will fight in the playoffs for 3 categories, 54 kg class, “Fiao” Juthamas Chitraphong , 60 kg model, Ying Pornthip ■ Wild Lotus, 70 kg series, female, pine leaves, Manikon, meets Engbatar Erdenetuya from Mongolia.

As for the fists of the two men, they will fight in the semi-final on November 10, male version 67 kg, Banjong Sinsiri and male version 86 kg, Chakrabongse Yomkot.

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