Irish Times 28 injured as policemen and protesters interfering in the Shain Tin Mall

Irish Times 28 injured as policemen and protesters interfering in the Shain Tin Mall

Twenty-eight were injured and 37 days were arrested on Sunday when a large outlaw arrived in a shopping center in Sha Tin, the New Territories, as the police tried to clarify anti-extradition protesters from streets.

Following the removal of Sha Tin's anti-extradition bill, a number of protesters gathered around Yuen Wo Road Sports Center. Protesters agreed to leave the area and forced them to enter the Newtown Plaza shopping center, which was the only way to leave the neighborhood because the police were heading for the passages. nearby and nearby shopping malls.

Riot police member of Demosisto – an organization for democracy who founded former student leader Joshua Wong and former manufacturer Nathan Law – arrested an alleged illegal assembly, told Hong Kong Radio Television.

A video that emerged on social media showed that a police officer had relieved the member Demosisto on the ground, but then he turned his hand 180 degrees.

As the police stopped the streets, protesters went to the New Town Plaza, one of the largest shopping areas in the New Territories, where MTR Sha Tin Station has access.

However they returned to the mall when they found riot police within the MTR Station and were afraid that they would be arrested.

The brawls broke out in the shopping center when a number of police teams, helmets and batons came into the mall to spread the protesters.

At one point, a group of protesters and police shadowed with umbrellas, water bottles and other things. The number of police officers was crushed down and hit on the ground.

Officers tried to use pepper spray and batons to spread the crowd but failed. They then returned and regrouped with riot police and returned to the mall.

Demonstrators wore different things from the floors above as the police tried to clean the crowd in the atrium.

The officers also ran through the various floors of the shopping center to arrest protesters.

A photograph on social media showed that a police officer was joking about the protests as he was in decline. The protester generates the finger on the bone.

The MTR Corporation announced shortly after 10pm that the trains were not stopping at Sink Shain Station until further notice. A number of protesters fled onto fixed trains and were able to depart when the services resumed.

The Hospital Authority said on Monday that two people were in a critical condition and four were serious, among 28 people approved for treatment. Twenty-two stayed in the hospital.

The police said 11 officers were injured, including someone who lost some of a finger.

The force said it had taken 20 men and 17 women.

It was understood that any shops inside the mall were damaged during the scuffles.

The Newtown Plaza is usually popular with other families and shoppers on a Sunday night. Videos and photographs showed that ordinary citizens and families were running for safety as the riot police spread the crowd.

A man with two girls rises when the police disperse riot protesters inside a shopping center in China.
Photo: Facebook / AM730

On Monday, a non-recognized man complained about Commercial Radio's phone-in program which was captured by the protesters within the Mall. He said he and his 80-year-old mother were getting dinner in the restaurant at the mall when they realized there were many police in the mall. They wanted to give the MTR to go home but they were back police.

He said that he had no choice but to arrange for his elderly mother to sit inside the ladies room for two hours and spread the crowd and police on the left.

Meanwhile, the New Town Plaza management issued a statement on their Facebook page saying that they did not call the police for assistance on Sunday night. However, video clip netizens of two New York Plaza security guards who led a riot police team into the attracted.

The government issued a statement that strongly condemns the illegal actions of some protesters who blocked roads for 'no trip', which led to a violent attack on police officers and caused a violation of peace.

Police Commissioner Stephen Lo Wai-chung visited the injured police officers on 3am Monday at Alice Ho Miu Ling Hospital in Tai Po Hospital, New Territories. He expressed “the strongest criticism” against the protesters who “lost their minds” during conflicts with officials in China.

Lo said that the force will not save any effort in his investigation and that he would continue the work "to the end".

He also said that the police officers worked hard under huge pressure, with only one criticism of people from different sectors.

When asked why officials joined the New Town Plaza to surrender protesters, Lo said the police were obliged to make arrests if they knew people who had broken the law. into the shopping center.

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