IRPC releases 2015 EBITDA to reach 25 billion baht, strengthening automotive-solar penetration

IRPC sets its EBITDA target in 2025 to reach 25,000 million baht, before reaching 35,000 million baht in 2020. It is ready to continue expanding existing and new businesses. The 5-year investment budget remains close to the previous 41,000 million baht.

Ms Kanyamas Ritthidej, Finance and Investor Relations Manager, IRPC Public Company Limited or IRPC, revealed at Opportunityday today that the company has posted profit before tax interest. Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA) of 25,000 million baht in 2025 and increased to 35,000 million in 2030 by expanding existing businesses and continuing to invest in new businesses.

For future business strategies The company will increase the share of specialty products to 52% in 2025 by expanding the automotive market through cooperation with PTT Public Company Limited (PTT), including upgrading the medical and hygiene sector, and etc.

When investing in new businesses The company is in the process of studying solar and wind energy. In the past, 12.5 MW of floating solar has been implemented, but only used within the company.

In terms of the progress of projects currently underway, which includes 1.Ultra Clean Fuel which is expected to be completed in Q1/2024, the progress is 54%. 2.INNOPOLYMED Expected to be completed in Q4/2022

Regarding the trend in the fourth quarter of 2022, various situations still need to be monitored. Especially the direction of crude oil prices. As for future investment plans

By the year 2023, the Board of Directors (Board) had initially approved about 10,000 million baht, which will be used in existing and new businesses in the future. by emphasizing in line with business operations For the 5-year investment budget (65-69), it is still close to the previous set, which is 41,000 million baht.


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