Irrawaddy urges Thai women’s football team to concentrate on Australia to win knockout

Irrawaddy Makris Thai national team offensive line came out to encourage Chaba Kaew teammates Great concentration is needed in the game against Australia. for a chance to qualify for the 8th round of the Asian Championship

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Irrawaddy Makris Thai national team offensive line with friends of Chaba Kaew army players Under the leadership of Miyo Okamoto, the Japanese head coach Enter the training field at the field NMSA Ground, Mumbai, India To prepare before going on the field for the final match of the Asian Women’s Football Championship, Group B, meet Australia on January 27

After training, Irrawaddy Makris said: “Yesterday’s game. (Win Indonesia 4-0) We are quite satisfied with the result. And to win 4-0, it’s like reinforcing confidence for our team again.”

“What we need to improve I think that doing in the last area we have to be more decisive. and more calm game with indonesia Sometimes we speed up the game too quickly. make us lose the ball We have to play in our game. Don’t worry about how the other team will play. It is important to concentrate for the entire 90 minutes.”

“The game against Australia We know it’s a tough game. Australia is a good team. But personally, we are confident in our team. If playing as practiced think we can fight everyone play together It should be a fun game.”

The final round of the 2022 AFC Women’s Football Championship was held to find teams to compete in the 2023 Women’s World Cup between July 20 and August 20, with Australia and New Zealand. co-host

For the situation of the Thai women’s national football team The conditions for qualifying for the final 8 teams are as follows:

The Thai national team won 3 points after beating Indonesia 4-0 on January 24, making the team guaranteed to finish no more than 3rd in the group at least for sure. which will cut off the score that will be the last team of Group B and Group C because India withdraws the team

In the final game against Australia, if the Thai national team scores from a draw or win, they will qualify for the quarter-finals as at least the best third-placed team. But if the Thai national team No points against Australia Must lose with a score of no more than 4 goals to win the final As the best 3rd place team

In the case of the Thai national team Qualified as the best 3rd place. There is a chance to meet with the Group A champion, China, or the Group C champion, Japan or South Korea, in the last 8 teams.

for the Thai women’s national football team The next match program will meet Australia at the Mumbai Football Arena on 27 January at 21.00 (Thailand time) live on the ELEVEN SPORTS application.



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