Irshad replaces Mohanlal as the lead; Omar Lulu For A Good Time | Omar Lulu Pens About Irshad’s Entry In His Film Nalla Samayam

ERashad is playing the lead role in the movie Nadava Sama. Irshad approached the character written for Mohanlal. Now director Omar Lulu reveals that Irshad is replacing Mohanlal. This has been revealed through the Facebook page.

The name of the main character in my new film “Nalla Chaam” is Swaminathan alias Swamyettan from Thrissur. I wrote “Good Times” with Lullaby in mind. But after thinking about the distance to reach the factor called Lalettan, then the question who is in mind, that is also Thrissur, the story takes place in the language of Thrissur. That’s how I go to my homeland Irshad Ikka from Thrissur as the lead role as Swamyettan.

After listening to the story, Irshad Ika said, ‘The story is good, the entertainer is four girls and I have a thread, it’s funny’ but if I sing and dance like this, will people like it? I said it’s fine, Ikade, if Ikade does it, there will be freshness and if it works out like I thought, it will be a new start for Ikade’s career.

Now, if it doesn’t work out as expected, the maximum number of trolls will come, the one who is ready to fail has won, the one who has taken the risk has reached somewhere, and on after giving some motivational talks, Kachi is flat. .

I think that Irshad, who came along to believe that, is now in a “good time”. Let me and Irshad Ikade have a good time’; Omar Lulu wrote on social media.

Apart from Irshad, Noolunda Vijeesh also plays an important role in the film, which is produced by Kalanthur under the banner of Kalanthur Productions. Omar Lulu hereby introduces five new heroines. Shalu Rahim, Shivaji Guruvayur and Jayaraj Warrier are the other stars. The film is a fun thriller that takes place in one night and will hit the theaters in November. PR From Pratish Shekhar.

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