[IS 피플] Thiago, Director Seol Ki-heon’s Secret Weapon

Gyeongnam FC striker Thiago. [사진 프로축구연맹]

Professional soccer K League 2 (Part 2) Gyeongnam FC striker Thiago Orovo (29, Brazil) is a secret weapon.

Gyeongnam is a team that boasts strong offensive power in K League 2. In 14 matches, he scored 24 goals. After Daejeon Hana Citizen (26 goals), he is the second most goalscorer in the league. Thiago, Hernandez, and Willian, the ‘Brazilian trio’, are in charge of the attack in Gyeongnam. Not only these, but also Park Jae-hwan, Jeong Chung-geun, Hanam, and Mo Jae-hyeon are also contributing to the attack on Gyeongnam.

The offense is strong, but the defense is weak. Gyeongnam, which conceded 26 runs, is second in the league with the most runs after Gimpo FC (29 runs). However, Gyeongnam won 1-0 in the 16th round away match against Bucheon FC, which ended at the Bucheon Sports Complex on the 18th. First scoreless win of the season. Bucheon, which went undefeated in 4 consecutive matches (3 wins, 1 draw) with the victory, moved up to 6th place in the league.

Gyeongnam coach Seol Ki-hyun brought out an irregular lineup. Gyeongnam’s main footballer Thiago was removed from the starting list. It was a level of physical fitness. Thiago scored two goals alone in the match against Bucheon on the 16th of last month. Manager Seol Ki-hyeon, who usually employs three forwards, put up two tops with Hanam and Hernandez (Brazil) on this day, but the first half was only goalless.

In the end, Thiago, who entered the pitch at the start of the second half, solved it. Thiago scored an effective shot with a left-footed shot from near the penalty arc within 7 minutes of being replaced, and 1 minute later, after receiving a forward penetration pass from Lee Kwang-jin, he opened the scoring. Thiago’s 7th league goal this season. Together with Martha (Daejeon), he is the top scorer in the league. Thiago scored only one goal as a substitute in the first four matches, but then scored six goals in five matches.

Director Seol Ki-hyun also praised Thiago. “In the end, the players who score goals score them,” Seol said. It was a situation where there was no angle, but it was a shot that was possible because it was Thiago.” He said, “I was very calm. Thiago has to score, but the result is good. Gwangju FC and FC Anyang will be the final fight in the end. I want Thiago to take on that role.”

By Kim Young-seo, staff reporter kim.youngseo@joongang.co.kr

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