Is Baller Brand starting to issue refunds on shoes already?

B & B's Big Baller Brand might have started the first step to issue Friday afternoon repayments with a job on Instagram. The company asked anyone who sent a shoe on the 2019 ZO2 shoe or the Lux G3 e-mail order certificate to send the company.

Logically, this does not mean that the company is starting to issue refunds. However, the fact that the company is already reporting and commenting on it is another sign that is aimed at closing it.

The most obvious and clear sign of the company's sharp future was the website going down two weeks ago. The site is still down, and it seems that it shows little intention to go up.

This move followed reports of the family's future and Lonzo Ball was busy covering his Big Baller Brand tattoo and his manager Darren Moore was throwing ZO2 into the trash.

This appears to be another nail in the coffin for the company as its last days exist.


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