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‘Tae Yuna’s Hear Bodpo’
Park Min-young, come back to the small screen today (21st) with ‘Mon-Wed, Gold-Tuesday, Mok-Sat’
Jang Na-ra and Hwang Jung-eum, a drama about the unmarried past, a classic in viewer ratings, will Park Min-young succeed?

Nara Jang, Min-young Park, Jeong-eum Hwang./Photo=Ten Asia DB

‘Tae Yuna’s Hear Bodpo’
Based on the facts heard and seen by the reporter Taeyuna and Tenasia on the spot, we will accurately reveal aspects of the drama. We will be the eyes and ears of readers in the age of flood drama pouring in from countless channels.

Actor Park Min-young hits the small screen with a romantic comedy about ‘unmarried’. Although the perception that marriage is not considered essential is spreading and establishing itself as a social trend, celibacy is a subject that has struggled as a work. Jang Na-ra and Hwang Jung-eum also left the drama with infamous viewership ratings for a drama featuring unmarried people, so attention is focused on the love triangle that Park Min-young, the ‘ Loco Goddess’ shows it.

Poster for 'Mon-Wed, Golden Tuesday, Mok-Sat'./Photo courtesy of tvN

Poster for ‘Mon-Wed, Golden Tuesday, Mok-Sat’./Photo courtesy of tvN

tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Mon-Wed, Tue-Sat’, which will be broadcast for the first time on the 21st (today), depicts the romance between Choi Sang-eun, a master of marriage contract for the perfect person who cannot. marriage, long-term customers of Mon-Wes-Geum mystery, and new customers of Hwa-Mok-Sat stars.

Park Min-young’s role in the drama is Choi Sang-eun, a perfectionist contract master. I don’t like to get married, but when I need to get married, I work to provide customized solutions for customers from weddings to marriage registration for singles who dream of being completely single.

Still clips from 'Mon-Wed, Gold-Tuesday, Mok-Sat'./Photo courtesy of tvN

Still clips from ‘Mon-Wed, Gold-Tuesday, Mok-Sat’./Photo courtesy of tvN

Go Kyung-pyo (Jung Ji-ho), a mysterious man who is Park Min-young’s best long-term customer and has lunch with him for 5 years, and Kim Jae-yeong (Kang Hae-jin), a popular star who she became a new customer on Hwa-mok-to, shook her life.

Above all, there are high expectations for Park Min-young, who has the adapter of ‘Loco Goddess’, for this work. At the production presentation, Park Min-young also expressed his liking for the work, saying, “The material was very fresh. Even looking at other works, the character didn’t leave an afterimage. He wanted me do it. third Rocco, and I want to do better. I was greedy.” He also predicted a new charm, saying, “There are many things I can ignore, and I also challenge various slapsticks.”

Posters for 'Omabe' and 'That Guy Is That Guy'./Photo Credit=tvN, KBS

Posters for ‘Omabe’ and ‘That Guy Is That Guy’./Photo Credit=tvN, KBS

However, the reality is that dramas about celibacy have not been good. tvN’s ‘Oh My Baby’ introduced actress Jang Na-ra as Jang Ha-ri, who is not married and only wants children, but failed to elicit sympathy. Realizing true love and not getting married, he ended up with a story about living together. Some have expressed unease as ‘a drama that encourages childbirth’ and ‘disparagement of not marrying’ in the sense that it depicts an unmarried woman in her thirties as a woman hanging on to childbirth. The ratings were no more than 1-2% until the last episode.

KBS2’s ‘That Guy Is That Guy’ also failed to bring freshness to the story as it started as a bachelor and flows into a typical rom-com. From the first episode, Hwang Jeong-eum (Seo Hyun-joo), who confidently declared single in a wedding dress from the first episode, was helplessly shaken by Seo Ji-hoon (Park Do-gyeom) and Yoon Hyun-min (Hwang Ji-woo), and the unmarried was only used as a device for romance.

Park Min-young at the production presentation of 'Monday-Wednesday, Gold-Tuesday, Mok-Sat'.  / Photo courtesy of tvN

Park Min-young at the production presentation of ‘Monday-Wednesday, Gold-Tuesday, Mok-Sat’. / Photo courtesy of tvN

This is no different from ‘Monsu Geumhwamokto’. Although it promotes celibacy, it seems to function only as a device for contracted marriage, and the emphasis seems to be more on the love triangle rather than carefully dealing with the unmarried Currently, Wednesday-Thursday dramas ‘If You Say Your Wish’ and ‘Good Job’ recorded viewership ratings of 2%, and in a sluggish situation, could Park Min-young create another box office rom-com? can sympathy be obtained.

By Tae Yuna, staff reporter for Tenasia

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