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The VIX index rebounded by 5.43%, and the US stock market generally retreated. The market focused on the FED decision meeting tomorrow morning. The US stock market and KD continued to die crosswise, causing the index to fall easy but not rise! The indicator falls into a low level divergence, and now we wait for the golden cross to confirm the rebound trend!

Russia announces “partial Russian military mobilization”! Putin: The goal of the West is to destroy Russia, and the four places are holding a “referendum on accession to Russia.” The Russian stock market recorded its biggest decline since the Ukraine war. It closed more than 8% on Tuesday (20th), writing the biggest drop since the Russian army invaded Ukraine in February , the dollar rose sharply, safe haven money poured into gold and oil at the same time, the uncertainty of the market more than 13,123 foreign investment orders yesterday! All articles about “Xu Zhaoxing Juhengwang” news can be searched, and dynamic video files can be continuously viewed every day:

Taiwan K stocks pulled red yesterday, and today the bears are in no man’s land. The index broke the recent low point again without leaving a shadow line. The Taiwan dollar continued to depreciate. The selling pressure of Taiwan stocks increased late. trading. Zooming in, the phenomenon of killing more and accelerating the bottom, the KD indicator is close to the oversold zone. If it can match the FED decision meeting, and the gold cross after the deviation Daily KD, Taiwan stocks are expected to stop falling and stabilize.

Yesterday, the US stock market was weak, but Apple’s stock price was relatively resistant. In addition to the new machine selling well, Apple officially released the second generation AirPods Pro as the most advanced Bluetooth headset product over the years. With the help of Apple’s self-developed new H2 chip capability, AirPods Pro unlocked Unprecedented audio performance, including Active Noise Cancellation and greatly upgraded Transparency Mode, creates a unique and immersive spatial audio listening experience. At the same time, use the touch controls to touch the stem of the headset directly to control media playback and adjust volume, and enjoy longer battery life, a new charging case, and a more snug earbud size.

Previously, we made a profit in the stock price of #Meilu (2439-TW), and then you can pay attention to the same group #Xuande (5457-TW).


◆ The revenue in August was 1.898 billion yuan, an annual increase of 7.57%.

◆ Parent company Luxshare Precision’s US Section 337 investigation has been completed, and no crime has been committed.

◆ The production of connectors began, and the products focus on the four major axes of green energy storage and transport, Netcom series products, industrial market and consumer electronic products.

◆ In addition to expanding plants in Taiwan, we are also expanding into the South East Asian market.

◆ Transformed into customized and specialized type complete machine and foundry assembly, and solved the problem of high labor cost in Taiwan through the previous experience of precision machine components and automation, improve production quality at the same time, strengthen production competitiveness, and have promising development prospects.

▲The latest report of the local legal person: The global aerospace industry will show steady growth in the next 20 years. After the dark tide of the two-year epidemic, the aerospace industry has finally stimulated recovery. According to the industry development forecasts, the demand for new aircraft is 43,610 and 39,020 respectively, that is, the general aviation industry will still show a steady growth trend in the next 20 years In particular, Boeing expects that the demand for new aircraft in the Asia-Pacific region will be more than 43% in the next 20 years, while China The three major airlines in mainland China have also purchased 292 passenger aircraft from Airbus, with a total price of 37.257 billion of US dollars, which shows that the aerospace industry welcomes the spring swallow, and the The epidemic has reorganized the industrial supply chain, and Taiwanese factories have a strong Survive with resilience and competitiveness, it will usher in a high growth period of 2 to 3 years eat

The previously mentioned Hang Tai Xiao Biao stock # Baoyi (8222-TW) has risen against the trend today and is stronger than the broader market The 9/13 backtest stock price gap has not been broken, and the future is optimistic!


◆ August revenue was 48 million yuan, an annual increase of 88.33%, a 29-month high.

◆ It has been involved in the aerospace industry for more than 40 years, and the core technology includes superalloy and titanium alloy forming, welding, machining, superalloy heat treatment and surface treatment technology, in order to provide more complete services to customers, resulting in the company obtaining the certification of components of a first-class aerospace engine manufacturer.

◆ The global aerospace industry is gradually improving, which will drive the airlines of various countries to actively adapt their fleets, including replacing old ones and maintenance operations, which will increase the demand for components and components of aerospace factories and drives the operation to increase quarter by quarter.

◆ The main customers are global aircraft engine manufacturers, and Safran, a recent major customer, is optimistic about the momentum of future shipment growth.

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