Is it possible for me to have the personality of a pseudo-religious-evil politician?

[오늘의 키워드] Narcissistic Personality Disorder


Christian Gospel Mission (JMS) president Jung Myeong-seok’s sexual deviance recently caused outrage. Psychiatrists explain that most cultists likely have overlapping narcissistic personality disorder, schizotypal personality disorder, and antisocial personality disorder.

Pseudo-religious leaders and some politicians have a strong tendency to find people as a means to satisfy their desires. In particular, narcissistic personality disorder is a fundamental characteristic of these religious leaders and politicians, but it is also common among ordinary people.

Unlike pseudo-religious leaders, evil politicians, and scammers, ordinary people tend to interfere with their lives by getting out of rhythm with those around them. A recent study found that people who post too many pictures of themselves on social media are more likely to develop narcissistic personality disorder.

▼What is narcissistic personality disorder? = In Greek mythology, it is also called a ‘pathological narcissist’ after Narcissus, who fell in love with his reflection in a pool and starved to death. There is a trait of ignoring other people’s personality and emotions, thinking that they are special and that others should recognize them. Being extremely obsessed with an illusion created by yourself rather than your real self.

▼ How to diagnose narcissistic personality disorder
① Believing in exaggerated and unfounded pride and talent.
② Preoccupation with fantasies of infinite achievements, influence, power, intelligence, beauty, or great love.
③ Because they are special and irreplaceable, they think they should only associate with people of the highest value.
④ I think you should respect yourself unconditionally.
⑤ They have a sense of privilege.
⑥ Taking advantage of others to achieve their own goals.
⑦ The ability to empathize is reduced.
⑧ Being jealous of others and at the same time believing that others are jealous of them.
⑨ Arrogant and disrespectful.

American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic Classification of Mental Illness Criteria ‘DSMV’. If you have more than 5, you can suspect ‘narcissistic personality disorder’. The symptoms must have started by early adulthood.


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