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Is it possible to have a gathering of 8 people from next month? “If the second vaccine is also received, the number of people is limited X”

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Medical staff administer the Pfizer vaccine at a COVID-19 vaccination center in Seoul. News 1

With more than 13 million people expected to complete the first dose of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) vaccine by this month, the ‘ban on gatherings of more than 5 people’ will be partially eased from July. The government is planning to release the final details of the ‘distancing’ reform plan, which will be applied from next month, soon.

The Central Accident Response Headquarters announced on the 6th that, through reference materials, “We plan to release the final details of the reorganization plan for distancing (which will be applied from July) around the middle of this month.” The government previously unveiled a draft reorganization plan that aims to reduce the current 5 stages (1 → 1.5 → 2 → 2.5 → 3) to 1 to 4 and minimize the business ban (prohibition of gatherings) in multi-use facilities. have.

In the case of ‘Private gatherings prohibited’ among these contents, there is no limit on the number of people in the first stage, and in the second stage, gatherings of up to 8 people (groups of more than 9 people are prohibited), and in stages 3 and 4, gatherings of up to 4 people (groups of more than 5 people are prohibited) are allowed. . However, in the fourth stage, the ‘ban on gatherings of more than three people’, which allows only two people to gather after 6 pm, is applied.

In the case of multi-use facilities, most of the bans on gatherings, which literally means prohibition of business, are abolished under the principle of autonomy and responsibility. Except for some entertainment facilities such as clubs, hunting pochas, and pubs, it is possible to operate in the 4th stage.

The government is planning to apply this distancing reform plan and ease some of the quarantine measures from July if the first vaccine vaccination is completed as planned and the weekly average daily number of confirmed cases remains below 1,000.

At a briefing on the same day, Sohn Young-rae, head of the social strategy division, said, “We can check whether there are any problems in the implementation process or whether the content organized in stages has enough power to block the epidemic, etc.”

It also emphasized that the current incentives for vaccinated people remain the same, apart from easing the distance. Director Sohn said, “Currently, even with the first vaccination, the limit of the number of people does not apply at family gatherings.” “If the second vaccination is completed, two incentives not to be included in the limit of number at any private gatherings beyond the family are applied. is becoming,” he said.

He continued, “With the reorganization of the new social distancing system from July, even if the standard for private gatherings is expanded to eight people, the principle remains the same.” The standards are the same,” he added.

Correspondent Ko Seok-hyun [email protected]

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