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Is it possible to silence the Darkest Dungeon 2 party for 5 minutes?

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Eventually you will know the tragic extent of my failure, but the darkest dungeon 2 has come, you will be constantly listening to everyone’s failure. A terrifying sequel to Dungeon Crawl entered Early Access yesterday, and my first impression is that I’m surrounded by the children I’m feuding with. Managing hero stress is more important than ever. Because if anyone is a little upset, they cut out all the fights to shout about whether their teammates are killer steel guys.Me This is close Turn the gentleman backwards and accept the imminent apocalypse.

Darkest Dungeon 2 affects everyone by putting a team of unexpected heroes on a tank and fighting beyond the foot of the journey to oblivion. As in the first game, the character’s mental state deteriorates in response to what he sees and kicks, becoming addictive and negative. The sequel also introduces the relationships between characters, tracks approvals and disapprovals along the way, and distributes buffs and debuffs appropriately. Unfortunately, all kids seem to be doing well.

It’s like a role isn’t played unless one party member gets angry with another. Dramatic pop-ups interrupt the battle, scream and destroy the party. Oh, why do you heal them, not me? Oh what do you do? Oh, why did you ruin it? Oh, I hate you! Even killing an enemy, which should be good news for everyone, leads to a battle over the theft of murder. Friend, please, this is the end of the world, not Counter-Strike.

Interpersonal relationships respond to personal stress, and it is very easy to find a series of discomforts and angers that only subside when someone is very upset and suffers a great deal of physical damage and resets tension. is. Imagine forgetting to have a knife, pistol, pistol, etc. and hitting your foot with your fist like a little kid.

See taunts and taunts for yourself in this fight I fought today:

“Early results … encouraging!” The narrator says while my grave thief is committing murder only in my second act. Correspondingly, the road workers and the bracelets immediately began to quarrel. number! Quiet!

This can be alleviated a bit. You can face stress and plan some competition. I could have done a better job in this fight. But even if the series is positive, the interruptions will not fade. Lots of pop-ups! Lots of screams! All of this tends to make me ignore my mental state. Because I’m sick of them and I’m sick of many of them. Objectively, I can argue that this is consistent with the psychological stress of the poorness of the apocalypse, but I think it is still very annoying.

Darkest Dungeon 2 has just been launched in Early Access, Brain. Many are subject to change. I have a review someday, not me. opinion? In video games? Muna? It seems unlikely.

You can get the game from Epic Games Store £ 24 is enough. To be honest, Aubrey, I don’t care who took your Game Boy. Calm down or take your dog’s acne and leave it here. I do not think so!

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