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Is it really?New MacBook Pro, Notch Theory | Gizmodo Japan

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I hear a scream of people who are not good at notch …

The new MacBook Pro, which will be unveiled at tonight’s special event. Various rumors such as specs and screen specifications are summarized on this page, but I’m really sorry just before, but one rumor is added.

According to MacRumorsThe new MacBook Pro may have a notchAnd that.

The information from the leaker is rather specific, such as “Face ID is not installed” or “The wallpaper is designed so that the notch is inconspicuous”, the appearance of the notch can be confirmed on the circuit diagram, and the notch is also from the display resolution. The existence is hidden, but let’s calm down.It’s still a rumor, and the notch installation has not been confirmed.

Personally, I think the notch is an ant option if you are pursuing miniaturization while the screen is getting bigger. Since Apple makes both the hardware and the OS in-house, it also has UI-like flexibility.

However, even if the bezel is removed from the screen up to that point, the rigidity will decrease and the risk of screen cracking will increase, and given the recent tendency of Apple, it may be too risky to choose. I’m wondering, but what about?

Bezel narrow with notch, or slightly thick bezel without notch. Which is your ideal MacBook Pro?

Source: MacRumors

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