“Is it true?” Celebrities living in the United States revealed a serious ‘mart situation’ (+Photo)

Broadcaster Eunji Park expressed her embarrassment over the US milk powder crisis.

Park Eun-ji’s Instagram

Park Eun-ji, who lives in the United States, posted several photos on her Instagram story on the 20th (Korean time) along with the sentence, “Omg (Oh My God). I went to 6-7 supermarkets.”

In the published photo, an empty milk powder display stand at a supermarket in the United States was contained. On the display stand, there is a notice that says ‘Limited to 5 pieces of powdered milk per person so that all customers can purchase the product’. Park Eun-ji explained, “I don’t have anything to buy up to 5.”

It was the same as other supermarkets did not have powdered milk. Park Eun-ji revealed a video of the situation on the display of milk powder at another mart, and she said, “Is this a true story? What do you think?”

The United States has been suffering from a ‘milk powder shortage’ (milk powder crisis) since last March. The milk powder crisis has been exacerbated by the fact that there is a supply chain problem due to Corona 19 and the recall of Abbott’s milk powder.

In February, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ordered a large-scale product recall after two babies died and four were hospitalized after contracting bacteria among babies fed Abbott’s formula.

The Abbott plant in Michigan was also temporarily closed as a result of the incident. Abbott’s largest plant is also the only plant that produces specialty milk.

When Abbott, which dominated 80% of the US milk powder market, cut off the supply, the milk powder market itself shook, causing a milk powder crisis.

Meanwhile, Park Eun-ji married a Korean-American office worker in 2018 and had a daughter in November last year. Currently he resides in the United States.

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