Is it true? Return Fat, make stuff, mong

Love each other because of Mo Yong Pae

Myong: It’s a very common thing. But Fat Brother is more important than anything else. I can’t find fat Not fake or please the love I have for Fat Brother or Fat Brother has for me, it’s a very pure love and I love him very much.

Fat: He told all his relatives that if he died, he would ask for a bone, so no one would worship him.

How do you prove it?

Myong : From the first day I met Fatty. Fat Elder said that no one was wrong, no one was right. have something to say Open it and say it and look over everything We all have different ideas, and this is how it came to be.

Who kissed who first?

Fat: We flirted with it from the beginning.

Myong : I went south. I make cosmetics. My friend said that if you want to do cosmetic, you have to study Fat Return, but I’m a person who doesn’t follow celebrities, I don’t know who they are. Then another week, he showed up at home.

Fat: Mo Yong was the first man to see his face and his heart trembled. He felt embarrassed, not knowing where to put his hand. Look at his face with tears in his eyes. Why did you love this guy from the first moment you saw him? Trying to think they are a couple of karmic couples. Otherwise, we both wouldn’t feel this good.

How do you flirt?

Fat: Go see it the first day. went to see his father to sell the place Seeing his face, that feeling happened. not sold in How are you trying to get to know him better? The first day we know how to take a dog to eat, they hold our hands and walk.

Myong: We’re afraid it will fall.

Fat: If a man takes our hand to eat, he must have a heart for us. Then come talk later if you don’t have a heart to begin with why are you holding hands?

Being together for a year without touching each other?

Fat: Yes, it’s embarrassing, if it’s love, it’s embarrassing. Sleep so that he dare not turn his face He was shy, embarrassed, and he did not dare to touch him. It was never like this before.

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