Is it true that Apple Watch SE (1st generation) is cheaper than 10,000 yen … # Amazon Black Friday 2022 | Gizmodo Japan

Amazon’s Black Friday Sale is now on!

This is the power (benefit) of SE.

Before the start of Black Friday, it was announced that some items were on sale. There is one of themApple Watch SE (1st generation). As for the discount…

GPS + cellular model with a case size of 40mm,47,800 yen → 32,700 yen(32% off). Although it is the first generation released in 2020, Apple Watch is cheaper than 10,000 yen, this is the power of Black Friday …!

By the way, case size is slightly larger at 44mm51,800 yen → 35,500 yen. This is also 31% off and it’s cheap to explode.

You can get an Apple Watch for just 30,000 yen. Remember this for today. Well, Black Friday is just around the corner!

* The content displayed as prices is as of the time of writing. There is a possibility of change, so check the sales page.

Source: Amazon

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