Is monkeypox a threat to Asia? ‥ Designated as a legal infectious disease

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Monkey smallpox is spreading around the world, and close to 500 people have been infected in 31 countries.

Recently, in Thailand, as people who had come in contact with infected people with monkey pox came out, the quarantine authorities designated monkey pox as a legal infectious disease and issued an infectious disease crisis alert.

Reporter Lee Jun-beom covered the story.

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Asia, where there has been no single confirmed case of monkey pox, can no longer be relieved.

A transit passenger who stayed at the airport in Thailand was confirmed to be infected with monkeypox, and 12 people including the flight attendant were classified as contacts.

There are 473 cases of monkeypox around the world, and the number of countries where the infection has been reported has risen to 31.

As the corona epidemic has subsided and movement between countries has increased, monkeypox can be introduced into Korea at any time.

The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) decided to designate monkey pox as a Class 2 legal infectious disease in the judgment that emergency quarantine measures are necessary.

As an infectious disease that requires isolation, such as COVID-19 or tuberculosis, medical institutions must report a confirmed case within 24 hours.

We have also issued an ‘attention’ alert, which corresponds to the initial stage of the infectious disease crisis alert.


“There was an order for management through legal designation of infectious diseases, and there were suggestions that it would be good to set a certain level of alert.”

The World Health Organization and quarantine authorities currently evaluate that the effect of the disease itself is low, and that there is little chance of getting it if you do not come into contact with an infected person.

[로사먼드 루이스/세계보건기구 두창 사무국 책임자]

“From what we’ve learned so far, monkeypox doesn’t spread that easily from person to person. The infection reproduction index has always been below 1.”

However, the position that we cannot slow our vigilance is that smallpox vaccination, which is effective in preventing infection, has been stopped since 1980, and there are many people who are not immune, and that there is not enough information about the current virus.

The quarantine authorities are planning to strengthen quarantine and health monitoring of people returning from visiting countries with monkeypox.

This is Lee Jun-beom from MBC News.

Video Editing: Lee Sang-min

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