Is NY disappointed by Masahiro Tanaka’s remnants of Rakuten? Yankees fan reaction “hard” “bad news” | Full-Count

Expectations for a return in 2023 “If we can have a solid season …”

Masahiro Tanaka, who has decided to stay at Rakuten next season. At the “Fan Thanksgiving 2021” held at Rakuten Seimei Park on the 4th, he reported to the fans that he remained.

It was the Yankees’ hometown New York media that was enrolled until 2020 that was “disappointed” by Masahiro Tanaka’s remnants of Rakuten. The local newspaper “NY Daily News” published an article under the heading “Masahiro Tanaka will remain in Japan for another year.” “Masahiro Tanaka and the Yankees will no longer meet again in 2022 in Bronx,” he said.

The article pointed out that the lockout of the MLB mechanism may have been a factor in the residual. Masahiro Tanaka, who finished with 4 wins and 9 losses and an ERA of 3.01 this season, was highly evaluated in the article as “having a good comeback season in Japan” and “sending a solid season like this year for another year. If we can, it will be very easy to find a market to return to MLB next winter, “he said, pointing out the possibility of returning to MLB in the 2023 season.

Also, when the official Twitter of the Yankees-specialized podcast program “Tokin Yankees” said, “Masahiro Tanaka will remain in Japan next season,” Yankees fans said, “If Tanaka is happy, I’m happy.” There were voices saying, “I can’t blame you at all,” “It’s hard,” and “I have even worse news today.”

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