Is PlayStation Death a sign of more people coming to streams?

It was rumored for a long time, long before it happened: Tech investors are worried Sony's;s (NYSE: SNE) TV streaming service live for almost as long as it was there. PlayStation Vue spent much of its short life cycle saying there were no rumors that it had survived.

Now it's really.

Sony recently announced that it will complete PlayStation Vue in January 2020. PlayStation Vue is the first high-profile live streaming television service to go down, but it may not be the last one.

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Everything is just inevitable

As one might imagine, some investors never thought that some investors would fall in 2017 or 2018. Although the rumors that PlayStation Vue had remained years ago they were inaccurate, they were not unfounded. PlayStation Vue is losing money to Sony's parent company as long as it's around.

To a certain extent, that was the plan: As played by its competitors, PlayStation Vue was hoping that it would come to light and a product that would be a leader in its space – a space that Sony would, like an owner Sling TV Dish Network (NASDAQ: DISH) and YouTube TV owner Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) (NASDAQ: GOOGL), among other things, the story is likely to grow along with the cut trend.

However, PlayStation Vue found it difficult to establish itself. Although it was one of the first two live television streaming services – PlayStation Vue and Dish's TV Sling came out in 2015, before any of their current competitors – PlayStation Vue, kept falling behind the competition.

Sony was more reluctant than the competition to offer great offers as streaming devices, and the warning given by the company to d dealings costly behavior that selecting PlayStation Vue channel was equally consistent with selecting some competitors. Branding was also a problem: Sony ran ads telling consumers that they did not want PlayStation Vue, despite its name.

There were and many are wrong with the Vue PlayStation. But the problems were more than that.

Lots of trouble go around

The PlayStation Vue was more worrying than most live television streaming services, but no service in this space is directly illuminated – not in terms of the number of subscribers, anyway, and certainly not in terms of profit. 2.4 million subscribers were agreed by industry leader Sling TV at the end of last year; subscribed-video-on-demand giant (SVOD) Netflix it has more than 150 million worldwide. AT & Ts (NYSE: T) Live-TV streaming service, formerly known as DirecTV Now, started first with rapid subscriber growth but then stopped it in a great way, really losing subscribers ceased in the consecutive quarter as publicity donations ended and became ill.

YouTube reported a loss of $ 9 per month in 2017 as a subscriber; a basic analysis tells us that he is still losing money today. This is a real certainty that it is true throughout the board in this space. This does not exist in itself – crazy – Spotify this is not the norm, and it is generally the case that high-tech investors like to stand in the subscription music flow space – but in combination with anemic growth, this does not look good on the friction market.

These donations also kill these services. Each gives a free trial, and it is now evidence that the number of credit cards instead of email addresses is a testimony to the number of customers who have left service to service, free trials for large games or shows. must not see and cancel them without ever paying. The move down AT & T TV Now on obsolete advertising accounts was widely blamed.

Who is next?

Ultimately, this space is not one that can support the current top of live television streaming services. The Playstation Vue is probably not the last service to go down. Perhaps the best question is how much will mare?

Whatever the longest running services they will find the answer to a more alarming question: Is there really a market for a multi-branch streaming service at all?

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