“Is ramen with out broth alright?…”Jjajang, stir-fry, and bibim ramen are also ‘saturated with sodium’” – The Herald Economics

‘Citizens Association for Shopper Sovereignty Study on Sodium Written content of Ramen Bags’

Jajang Ramen picture. [게티이미지뱅크]

[헤럴드경제=김영철 기자] A study observed that the sodium saturated unwanted fat material was pretty superior in Jajang, stir-fried noodles, and ramyun bibim without the need of broth. In response, civic groups indicated that ramen makers need to strive to lessen elements such as sodium and saturated extra fat in their items, and that the govt should really get ready rigorous rules, these kinds of as increasing nourishment labeling.

On the 14th, the Citizens Council for Shopper Sovereignty, a civic group, explained, “In the earlier, noodles with soup accounted for the bulk, but now there are non-soup merchandise such as jajang, stir-fried noodles and ramen bibim emerges as new. ability.” It is also very large in sodium and saturated excess fat. Rather, it is not diluted with broth and can injury health and fitness even much more,” he explained.

The Citizens Council pointed out, “There are fewer calories and carbohydrates than ramen noodles with soup, so a single meal is not enough.”

As a consequence of this group’s survey on the nutritional content of a overall of 43 Jajang, Stir-fried, and Bibim Ramyun merchandise from suppliers this sort of as Nongshim, Samyang, Ottogi, and Paldo (in alphabetical buy), which have the optimum gross sales among the noodles without having broth, quite a few items have the encouraged day-to-day quantity of each individual It contained 90% and 73% sodium and saturated fats, respectively.

Sodium articles ranking by manufacturer and solution. [소비자주권시민회의 제공]

As a end result of analyzing the sodium written content by solution, Samyang’s ‘Four Cheese Buldak Stir-Fried Noodles (1790mg)’ experienced the greatest sodium material of 90% of the proposed daily intake among the domestic jjajang, stir-fried fried and bibim ramyun. Paldo’s ‘Paldora Bokki (1780mg)’ was followed by 89%, and Samyang’s ‘Jjajang Buldak Fried Noodles (1620mg)’ also accounted for 81%. In addition, Samyang’s ‘Carbonated Cream Fried Chicken Noodles’ (1500 mg), ‘Buldak Cheese Fried Noodles’ (1440 mg), and Nongshim’s ‘Shin Ramyun Fried Noodles’ (1390 mg) ended up located to contain far more than 70 % of all those advisable. everyday volume..

In response, the Citizens Tips stated, “Extreme sodium intake raises the danger of serious illnesses these kinds of as belly cancer, higher blood force, stroke, heart failure, osteoporosis, coronary artery ailment, enlarged heart, and continual disease in the kidneys.” The sodium The written content is equivalent to the content material of ramen noodles with soup, but it is not straightforward to handle sodium ingestion due to the fact it is not possible to regulate the quantity of broth taken, so the danger is certain to be better.”

Saturated extra fat articles ranking by manufacturer and product or service. [소비자주권시민회의 제공]

The metropolis council also considered the saturated unwanted fat contained in immediate noodles with no broth to be severe. According to this group, the proposed each day intake of saturated fat set by the Foods and Drug Basic safety Administration is 15g, but far more than 20 out of 43 non-soup ramen merchandise surveyed exceeded 60% of the total each day recommended.

The Citizens Council reported, “Nongshim’s ‘Chal Bibimmyun’ and ‘Baehongdong Bibimmyun’, Ottogi’s ‘Jin Bibimmyun’, and Samyang’s ‘Yeolmu Bibimmyun’ contained 11g of saturated body fat and accounted for 73% of the recommended every day quantity. ” “Nongshim’s” ‘Jjawang’ and ‘Shin Ramyun Fried Noodles’, Samyang’s ‘Bibim Milmyeon’ and ‘Carbo Buldak Fried Noodles’, and Paldo’s ‘Nice Ramen Spicy Curry’ also contain 67% of the recommended each day total with 10g of saturated body fat.” .

He included, “If you try to eat far too substantially saturated fats, it increases undesirable cholesterol (LDL) and blood clots, and is one of the principal triggers of cancer, cardiovascular sickness, weight problems, and diabetes. It can improve blood cholesterol by synthesis,” he stated.

Eventually, the Citizens’ Council urged manufacturers to lessen these elements, citing the simple fact that ramen goods are substantial in saturated unwanted fat and sodium. The govt has also requested the enlargement of nutritional information for all goods. Some argue that polices should be set in place to quit promoting solutions that consist of way too substantially sodium or saturated unwanted fat.

The Citizens Council said, “In accordance to the Korea Consumer Agency survey very last yr, 36% of 1,000 respondents mentioned they consume extra than one ramen.” He continued, “If you eat 1.5 items of Samyang’s ‘Four Cheese Incredibly hot Rooster Noodles (1790mg)’, which has the optimum sodium material, you will eat 2685mg, which is 134% of the proposed day by day amount of 2000mg, and ‘Nongshim’ Nongshim ‘ with the highest saturated fats material If you eat 1.5 pieces of ‘Chalbi Bimmyeon’, it becomes 16.5g, which is more than the proposed day by day total of 15g. If you incorporate side dishes like kimchi to it, that number goes up even much more.”

Lastly, the corporation claimed, “Ramen is 1 of the agent foodstuff that buyers enjoy.” In get to get the continued choice of shoppers, ramen brands should actively participate in reducing ingredients that can damage their health and fitness. Demanding polices these kinds of as banning the sale of metropolis merchandise must be prepared,” he urged.


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