Is Russia about to use nuclear weapons? Biden warns Putin not to use

picture explanationUkrainian soldiers standing on the destroyed bridge in Izium, Kharkiv region [사진 = AP 연합뉴스]

The United States has warned Russia not to use nuclear and chemical weapons, etc., when it invaded Ukraine. The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has emphasized that if Russia insists on using the weapon, it will face a “changing” response from the United States.

On the 17th (local time), President Biden responded to the host’s question, “What would Russian President Vladimir Putin do if he used strategic nuclear weapons or chemical and biological weapons?” President Biden repeatedly stressed to Russia “not to use[arfau],” and said, “If we do, we will begin a new era of warfare not seen since World War II.”

“It will depend on the level of Russian aggression,” he said. “It will be a fatal response for Russia.”

Under such circumstances, it is predicted that Russian and Ukrainian armies will clash again in the Donbas region. As Putin’s initial justification for the invasion of Ukraine was to ‘liberate and liberalize Donbass’, it is interpreted as a plan to seize the region and then re-establish the occupation of Ukraine based on this.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also urged Putin to end the war. Prime Minister Modi held a separate bilateral meeting with President Putin at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit held in Samarkand, Uzbekistan on the 16th, and said, “This is not the time of war. What unites the world is democracy, diplomacy and dialogue.” he said.

Putin said he would “do everything possible to end the war as soon as possible.”

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