Is that Lee Bo-young? ‘heaviest discount’ on hot pink underwear

Bo-young Lee / Courtesy of Vogue Korea

Actor Lee Bo-young has released an unconventional pictorial shoot with fashion magazine Vogue Korea.

In the pictorial cut released on the 23rd, Lee Bo-young showed off the most unconventional exposure since she first stepped into the entertainment industry by combining a see-through interior with a bold hot pink setup that reverses the elegant image and elegant.

In addition, by matching a casual cap hat with a black jacket and an ivory silk dress, she showed a variety of charm by showing a different style with a style that is contrary to the previous style.

Bo-young Lee / Courtesy of Vogue Korea

Currently, Lee Bo-young is in the middle of filming JTBC’s ‘Agency’, which tells the story of Go Ah-in, who became the first female executive, to build a career from the first position to the top position. In this picture before his return, he said, “This is the first time I’ve ever seen a character so strong and strong, and I’m so obsessed with the character itself, so I have a lot of fun in it filming. “

Meanwhile, more photos and interviews with Lee Bo-young can be found in the October issue of Vogue Korea magazine.

(Seoul = News 1)

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