Is the anti-government protest a rebel coup? deaf Kazakh government


Officials in Kazakhstan have defined the bloodshed, which resulted in massive casualties, as a coup attempt by an extremist group.

It looks like they are closing their eyes and ears to the people’s dissatisfaction with the economic difficulties such as soaring fuel costs.

It is delivered by PD Bang Joo-hee.


As Kazakhstan’s large-scale unrest has entered a phase of stabilization, Kazakhstan authorities have defined the protests as an attempt at a coup by armed rebels.

<카심 조마르트 토카예프 / 카자흐스탄 대통령> “Their ultimate goal was to undermine the constitutional order, destroy the governing body, and destroy the government system. This was an attempted coup.”

President Tokaev said terrorists, including foreign militants, were directly involved in the unrest, and insisted that the actions of the militants were carefully planned and prepared.

<카심 조마르트 토카예프 / 카자흐스탄 대통령> “Well-trained forces, including snipers with special rifles, joined the protests. The simultaneous attacks on local government offices, law enforcement agencies, detention centers, strategic facilities, banks and TV stations prove this.”

However, President Tokayev did not comment on the specific organization involved and said he would present evidence in the future.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also said that internal and external forces were taking advantage of the Kazakh protests, suggesting the possibility of intervention by Western intelligence agencies or Islamic extremist groups.

In Kazakhstan, on the 2nd, residents of the western region, dissatisfied with the surge in fuel prices, poured out on the streets to protest, and the protests spread across the country, leading to large-scale anti-government protests.

Some observers point out that the public dissatisfaction with the sluggish political reform that has accumulated along with serious economic difficulties both inside and outside Kazakh has exploded, but the Kazakh government has blocked its ears to such voices.

This is Yonhap News TV’s Bang Joo-hee.

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