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Is the Asahi Shimbun a “rebellion”? Overseas media jumped to the “Olympic Cancellation” editorial saying “I was waiting!” (Tomoko Izukawa): J-CAST Company Watch[Full text display]

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Finally, the voice of “Olympic Games canceled” from the Japanese media! The Asahi Shimbun published an editorial entitled “Ask the Prime Minister to Decide to Cancel the Summer Olympics” on May 26, 2021, which has had a great impact.

Major overseas media reported this editorial one after another. In a blink of an eye, it was translated into several languages ​​and spread all over the world. The reaction of the overseas media, who just said “I was waiting!”, Was a little unexpected, and it seemed like “The Tokyo Olympics, the beginning of the end”.

How will the IOC (International Olympic Committee), which repeats bullish remarks, face public opinion? Perhaps this Asahi Shimbun editorial could be a historic “trigger.”

  • Can the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics be held? (The photo is the New National Stadium)

  • Can the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics be held?  (The photo is the New National Stadium)

Impact of “Olympic Cancellation” from Official Sponsor

In an editorial, the Asahi Shimbun mentioned that the spread of the new coronavirus did not stop.

“I don’t think it makes sense to hold the Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo this summer.”

“I urge Prime Minister Suga to calmly and objectively assess the surrounding situation and decide to cancel this summer,” he said.

By the way, the editorial of the day was called the “one-headquarters theory” in the industry, and was a “special version” that usually puts only one article in the space where two articles are posted. It seems to be the method used by newspaper companies when they want to make a strong claim.

Did the Asahi Shimbun’s “spirit” come through? Overseas media reacted one after another.

Influential Japan Newspaper Calls For Olympics Cancellation
(Influential Japanese newspapers called for the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics: Bloomberg News Agency)

In the article, Bloomberg said that “the most influential and official sponsor of the Asahi Shimbun” appealed for the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics.“The latest blow for an event”I am telling you.

Major Japan newspaper Asahi calls for Olympic cancellation
(The Asahi Shimbun, a major Japanese newspaper, called for the cancellation of the Olympics: Associated Press)

The AP newsletter also emphasizes that the Asahi Shimbun, the main newspaper in Japan, has announced that the Olympics will be cancelled. We will hold the Olympics below, “said an IOC executive.“Self-righteous”He also reported that he criticized.

The bold headline caught the eye in the Singapore newspaper The Straits Times.“Axe”It is reported with nuances such as swinging down.

Asahi urges axing of Olympics
(The Asahi Shimbun complained that the Olympics had expired)

Opinion polls have reported that 70% and 80% of the people are opposed to hosting the Olympic Games this summer, and that specialist medical groups have voiced opposition. However, it seems that the impact of Japan’s leading newspaper company clearly insisting that it “requests cancellation” was greater than expected.

Ironically, the Asahi Shimbun, the official sponsor of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, insisted on “cancellation”, which seems to have become more persuasive. In the Italian media, the Asahi Shimbun editorial follows the actions of the people, medical groups, and international businessmen such as Masayoshi Son and Hiroshi Mikitani.“Japan in revolt”I am telling you.

The “rebellion” caused by the official sponsor Asahi Shimbun may change the course.

Is the IOC “weak to hit”?

The Asahi Shimbun editorial that appealed for “cancellation of the Olympics” seems to be spreading ripples, and in the trend word ranking of Twitter on the day of publication, “#Tokyo Olympics cancellation” temporarily jumped to the first place. How will the IOC and related parties respond as the attention from overseas increases?

Even recently, the IOC’s oldest member, Dick Pound, is reported to be taking a forcible stance, saying in an interview with the British newspaper that “it will be held unless Armageddon (human extinction) occurs.”

In addition, Mr. Bound said in a Reuters news report that criticism of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics should be held as planned, saying that it is a “political pose (ahead of the general election)”. But can the IOC continue to take a forcible stance?

In my opinion, the IOC, which is “bullish and devoted”, has recently seen and hidden “weakness”. The controversial remarks by Chairman Bach that “sacrifice is necessary” and the remarks by Coordinator Coates that “the Olympics will be held even under a state of emergency” are too different from the public sense, so to speak Just buy. The criticism of not only Japanese but also overseas media will continue to increase.

Well then“News of the Week in English”Is“Blow”I will take up the expression using.

That’s a blow for Olympics
(It’s a blow to the Olympics)

That’s a major blow for Olympics
(It’s a big blow to the Olympics)

That’s a severe blow for Olympics
(It’s a serious blow to the Olympics)

That’s a terrible blow for Olympics
(It’s a terrible blow to the Olympics)

In less than two months before the Tokyo Olympics, the IOC, which has been cornered with wrinkles, may make a “terrible blunder.” At the very least, the fight against the media seems to have been ignited unless the IOC and officials fix the forced route.

I can’t take my eyes off the media more and more. (Rinko Izukawa)


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