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June 05, 2023 (Month) 15:57 pm

Rob Marshall’s move to McLaren, who has served as Red Bull F1’s Chief Engineering Officer, may see McLaren sign with Red Bull Powertrains after 2026.

McLaren CEO visits Red Bull Powertrains

In February 2023, Red Bull Powertrains announced that it will partner with Ford from 2026, when the power unit (PU) regulation changes.

Christian Horner has confirmed that McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown visited Red Bull Powertrains at the end of February to discuss “power unit supply”. Of course, there would have been discussions regarding the transfer of Red Bull F1’s Chief Engineering Officer, Rob Marshall.

And at the end of May, Red Bull and McLaren simultaneously announced the transfer of Rob Marshall in a press release.

Rumor has it that Marshall’s transfer, which was an important position in Red Bull F1, was so peaceful and smooth that the condition behind this transfer was the installation of Red Bull Powertrains from 2026. There are

■ What are the benefits of McLaren adopting a new engine with unknown performance?

The power of the Red Bull Powertrains PU is unknown, but McLaren can think of several qualities to determine it.

First of all, Red Bull Powertrains, which manufactures engines, employs staff from Honda and Mercedes, and there is no doubt that their knowledge and experience is used, so it is possible that the powerful Honda engine currently placed in Red Bull F1 Something close is possible.

Ford is responsible for battery technology for Red Bull Powertrains, but if Ford also increases the delivery destination from 2 4-unit teams to 3 6-unit teams, the benefits of manufacturing, data collection and development will increase.

McLaren American CEO Zach Brown has increased the number of sponsors in the American market, and if “McLaren Ford” is born, McLaren and Ford will have great advantages in terms of marketing and branding.

Will Red Bull Powertrains become a Cosworth?

When Ford was involved in Formula 1 in the past, it funded Cosworth, a racing engine tuner, and gave many teams a Ford badge such as the “Ford Cosworth” engine. And that engine was also installed in McLaren.

Funding and batteries for this Red Bull Powertrains engine, and Ford badge, are fundamentally similar.

McLaren may use the power unit (PU) purchased from Red Bull Powertrains as “Ford” as it is, but it is also possible that it will run with a different automaker or brand badge as a deaf OEM. In recent years, “Honda RBPT (manufactured by Honda Racing)” and “TAG Heuer (manufactured by Renault)”.

Also, for Red Bull Powertrains and Ford, if they can stably supply high performance PUs to existing F1 teams (Haas, Williams) and teams aiming to enter F1, the PU sales business will be established up to even if it is in OEM form. .

Car manufacturers interested in participating in F1 will also find it easier to participate in F1 in the form of a name badge.

And it will be possible to install PU Red Bull Powertrains in high performance cars marketed by all automakers. It is also possible that high performance cars with triple names such as McLaren, Red Bull, and Ford will be sold.

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