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Original title: Is the Premier League crazy? Reporter: Arsenal offered Caicedo for £70m but Brighton still rejected him

This winter window in the Premier League is truly “killing mad.” The total signing expenditure of one league is far higher than the other four major leagues combined.If the winter window is the earth, then Chelsea is the ocean. Another big6 Arsenal in London, in order to ensure that the Premier League can win the championship this season, has to spend a lot of money to “fill the waist”, which is also crazy.

From the “CBS” reporter Jacobs updated the media and talked about Arsenal’s hope to sign the Brighton midfielder in the winter windowCaicedodetails.

The reporter said that Arsenal had just made a second offer for Caicedo,The transfer fee is 65 million pounds + 5 million pounds floating, but was still rejected by Brighton. Although Arsenal have yet to give up, Brighton have made it clear to Arsenal that Caicedo will not be sold in the winter window.

Caicedo, 21 years old, is 1.78 meters tall and is a defensive midfielder on the right foot. The current contract is until 2025. The value of the player in Germany is 38 million euros. So far this season, Caicedo has played a total of 21 games for Brighton in all competitions, contributing 1 goal and 1 assist.

Personally, Arsenal have spent too much time on Mudrick. At the moment, they have failed to buy Caicedo at a high price. The main reason is that Brighton does not have time to find a replacement. Otherwise, the Seagulls will agrees to Arsenal’s offer of up to 70 million pounds. It is reported that Caicedo’s current weekly wages are only£3500the player wants to leave the team.Return to Sohu to see more


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