Is the truth out there? “Messi leaves for Saudi Arabia on rest day, PSG suddenly decides to train”

Provided by OSEN | 2023.05.04 13:45

[OSEN=강필주 기자] The trip of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) striker Lionel Messi (36) to Saudi Arabia is causing a big wave.

France’s ‘RMC Sports’ reported on the 3rd (Korea time), “PSG decided to suspend Messi for going to Saudi Arabia.”

According to the article, Messi went to Saudi Arabia without the permission of the PSG club, and the club informed Messi of its own disciplinary action, which prevented him from playing for two weeks. During this period, Messi will not be able to receive training opportunities as well as wages.

PSG leads the league with 75 points (24 wins, 3 draws and 6 losses). However, the recent performance is not satisfactory. With a record of 3 wins and 3 losses, they are trailing 2nd place Marseille (70 points) by 5 points. On the 1st, against Lorient, a mid-table team, they lost 1-3.

In this atmosphere, Messi’s trip to Saudi Arabia made the atmosphere of the team even more negative. Messi took on the role of Saudi ambassador, but the timing was not right. PSG fans flocked to the club and did not hide their displeasure with profanity-laden slogans such as “Messi is XXX.”

However, Fabrizio Romano, an expert in European transfers, said on his video channel, “I knew that Messi would take two to three days off after the Lorient game. To this end, we communicated with PSG Monday morning to go to Saudi Arabia Having already gone to Saudi Arabia, PSG suddenly changed their plans and decided to train.”

In the end, Messi is said to have informed in advance about his trip to Saudi Arabia and that PSG is also aware of it. When Messi went to Saudi Arabia, he suddenly changed his plan to train instead of rest. It is a situation where PSG can be suspected of intentionally causing a quarrel with Messi.

This means that it is an event that proves that the relationship between PSG and Messi, whose contract expires this summer, is in fact running towards the end. Initially, PSG and Messi had an atmosphere of contract extension. However, recent negotiations have not gone well, and the possibility of going to the United States or Saudi Arabia has emerged since the rumor of a return to Barcelona.

Accordingly, the British ‘BBC’ also emphasized on the 4th, “Messi will leave the team when the contract with PSG expires this summer. Neither the club nor the player want a contract extension. ” There is an option for a one-year extension, but it seems unlikely to be exercised.

Romano also said on his social media, “Messi will leave PSG at the end of the season. There is no doubt anymore. “We have reached the limit,” he said.

Messi’s trip to Saudi Arabia was the catalyst to show PSG’s clear decision to break up. Now, I’m curious about where Messi’s next destination will be and what Messi’s companions, Neymar and Kylian Mbafe will look like after. /

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