Is the United Nations an effective forum? | Is the United Nations an effective forum?

After a two-year hiatus, the highest level of the Tusaba UN Assembly begins on Tuesday. Due to covid restrictions online meetings will be held during this break. That’s what happened. Around 150 heads of state and senior leaders from 193 member states are taking part in this event. A special feature of this year’s conference is the Russia-Ukraine war zone. However, the main party, Russian President Putin, participated in the conference Ukrainian President Zelensky also did not come. However, Russia’s pre-recorded speech was allowed to be heard at the Overcoming opposition conference and was approved by the majority of members; There is no veto power in the General Assembly as in the Security Committee Chinese President Xi Jinping also does not come to the headquarters of the United Nations.

77 years ago, the United Nations formed in 1945. A very complex and serious attack never seen before. Relationships are promising. As much as possible within the limits to minimize conflict There is an objection that was not even made. Even in the Ukraine-Russia war, both sides serve Ranjip. Efforts to create did not bear fruit. Secretary General Antonio Guterres arrived in Ukraine in April Try to save soldiers and civilians trapped in the river Chatum, Ukrainian ports join the Turkish President Erdogan Arrangements for the export of main food through He does not forget what he has done .

Global food shortages caused by war in Ukraine, Syria and Ethiopia Internal conflicts in jjangs are resolved. U. could not succeed in this either. As an international dispute settlement forum, the Add to that the ongoing tensions USA-China Cold War Alliance has just been formed between emerging nations Our condition is not a matter for the United Nations. A Muslim minority of Uyghur descent in China’s Xinjiang province The persecution and torture by the Chinese authorities against the Party Although Danube has gained international attention, the United Nations is indifferent to China. 45 on Torture Released After a Long Wait The word ‘genocide’ was not even used in Page’s report. The government’s campaign on Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar Whether they are Danes or Rohingya refugees, the rest are overcrowded Destroying democracy by the army that overthrew Patya and seized power There is no evidence that the UN has done anything in your case. By the end of 2007, the United Nations had even introduced a resolution against Myanmar, which is also noted to be unwritten.

Peace in the civil conflict countries of Mali, Congo and Ethiopia United Nations Mission for the Protection of Civilian Lives Failure to save. In Ethiopia, 500,000 people will die in the Tigray war in two years. Even if the United Nations creates a huge refugee problem, Can’t do that either. Since 1948, the head of the council has also been on the Palestinian issue before the United Nations regarding the contribution decisions. After the Six Day War of 1967, it was recaptured by Israel. Resolution 242 was also passed, which calls for the withdrawal from the country, a Zionist Nation that does not even pay the price of grass for the countless decisions it has made Perhaps the most important ‘contribution’ of the UN.

Amidst all this, the silver linings in the recent history of the United Nations Some of them are missing. Enemy factions in Yemen, where there has been a long civil war Leaving America in Afghanistan to bring Peace Together In the remaining anarchic situation, human rights It also includes the small steps taken to improve. Contributions of the United Nations Committee on Global Affairs Not impromptu. Global Warming and Climate Change Staring at Humanity Decisive Action Plans on Threats The United Nations had to take the lead. The biggest threats to the climate are wars and the development of weapons, especially when attention is paid to being.

The main problem of the United Nations is the dominance of the five powers, and its fundamental weaknesses are as Tyam. The superpowers often say to reorganize Varumpol stops their request. India and Japan are the countries with the largest number of permanent members. A range of more diverse approaches, if necessary. It could open the way for negotiations. But those who cause trouble can bring a case against you If it is assumed that there is a system in place, then Do not expect any defiance.

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