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Published: May 29, 2022 Misa Ito / Updated: 2022.05.29

Is there a blue light cut with cosmetics? MeTIME medicated whitening BB powder and face wash review

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Domestic organic aging care brand for adult women
Metime’s medicated whitening BB powder and forming wash (face wash) will be available on March 18, 2022.

From Bruno's cosmetics brand MeTIME, medicated whitening BB powder and blue light cut are also available!

MeTIME is an original cosmetics brand of BRUNO, Inc., which plans, develops, and sells interior goods and lifestyle products. Bruno is familiar with kitchen appliances and supplies such as hot plates!

MeTIME is a brand with the wish that modern women who are subject to various stresses should have a time to fill their hearts with daily skin care, and the use of natural and organic ingredients and the environment. We also aim to contribute to a “circular society” such as consideration-type packages and containers.

MeTIME package

In such MeTIME, lotion, beauty essence, cream, etc. are developed separately in the moisturizing series and the whitening series, and the “BB powder” and “forming wash” released in March are included in the whitening series. increase.

MeTIME / AG Whitening BB Powder UV (Non-medicinal products)

BB powder has very fine particles and gives an impression that it blends smoothly when applied to the skin. It also softly covers the pores you care about. However, be careful when handling as the particles are light and fine and easily fly up.

MeTIME BB powder

There are two colors, light and natural, and the one I used was “light”. Normally, I would choose “natural”, but if I put it on the whole skin lightly, wouldn’t it be unnatural? It was that kind of feeling.

In addition, it is impressive that it has a refreshing scent like citrus. Enjoy the scent during make-up time as it will not remain until later.

Contains vitamin C derivatives, which are medicinal whitening active ingredients, to suppress the production of melanin and prevent blemishes and freckles. Also, in addition to UV protection, I was personally interested in the fact that it also has a blue light cut effect. Since I have a lot of desk work, I don’t get much sunlight, but I’m happy with the author who often uses PCs and smartphones.

SPF42 PA +++, 7g including tax 4620 yen

MeTIME / AG Bright Clear Forming Wash

It is a type of face wash that comes out with foam when you push the pump, so you can save the trouble of foaming. It also has a refreshing scent like citrus, and it seems to be refreshing in the morning. (Blend only natural essential oils such as geranium and orange based on lavender)

MeTIME forming wash (cleanser)

MeTIME Forming Wash 2

The fine foam makes it feel good, and it is impressive that it feels smooth when washed off, and the finish is refreshing.

3520 yen including tax with 150 ml


Both products are on sale at Bruno’s official online shop.

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