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The 2021 professional baseball / Japan Series has been in a heated battle so far, with a difference of 2 points or less in all games. In the 5th round on November 25, Orix won the final seesaw game in the 9th inning with Adam Jones’ winning home base, and Yakult 3 wins and Orix 2 wins at the local Hotto Motto Field Kobe. I hoped for the 6th round of.

It is the first time in 64 years that all games have been settled within 2 points until the 5th round. Fans of other teams were excited by the tense battle that they couldn’t get rid of until the end, and it began to be whispered that it might be comparable to the 1992 Japan Series, which is said to be “the best ever”. ..

  • Orix’s ace Yamamoto and Yakult’s main axis Murakami at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics representative. What will happen to Round 6 (Photo: Yohei Nagata / Afro Sports / AP / Afro)

  • Orix's ace Yamamoto and Yakult's main axis Murakami at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics representative. What will happen to Round 6 (Photo: Yohei Nagata / Afro Sports / AP / Afro)

Goodbye home run in the first game, Seibu shutout in the second game

In the 1992 Japan Series, Seibu (Director Masaaki Mori), who has won the league for the third time in a row, and Yakult (Director Katsuya Nomura), who won the championship for the first time in 14 years, face each other. Seibu had an overwhelming advantage in the pennant race, but in the first round (Jingu), he finished the 9th inning 3-3 and entered overtime. In the bottom of the 12th inning, Yakult attacked Seibu’s closer Yoshitaka Katori to create a chance for a full base, and Pinch hitter Toru Sugiura decided the game with the first goodbye home run in the history of the Japan Series.

In the first round of the 2021 series, Orix, who was led 3-1 in the 9th inning, attacked Yakult’s restraint Scott McGough, and from bases loaded with no death, Yuma Mune’s tie-breaking timely hit and Masataka Yoshida’s goodbye hit 4-3. I won.

In the second round of 1992, Seibu shut out Yakult 2-0 instead of the day before, and Seibu suppressed Yakult hitting to 3 hits with the succession of ace Kuo Taiyuan and relief ace Tetsuya Shiozaki.

I thought that Orix would gain momentum in 21 years, but in the second round, Yakult starter Keiji Takahashi was the first professional to shut out, and Yakult won 2-0 with a chance from Orix Miyagi Daiya.

Yakult Orix, who has no end, wins a close battle in enemy territory

Even after the third round, overlapping points can be found in the 1992 and 2021 series.

In 1992, Seibu won the 3rd and 4th rounds 6-1 and 1-0 at Seibu Stadium in a row to win the check. In 2009, Yakult won the Tokyo Dome in a row, and in the bottom of the 7th inning, Domingo Santana’s value-rich reversal 2 runs jumped out 5-4. I put it on.

In the 5th round of 1992, Yakult, who was struck by Seibu, revived the batting line and led 6-0 by the 5th inning, but Seibu returned 5 points in the bottom of the 5th inning and Orestes Destrade’s in the bottom of the 7th inning. Catch up with the tie with a home run. Yakult, who has no end, won in the 10th inning with Takahiro Ikeyama’s home run and won 7-6.

In the 5th round of 2009, Yakult took the lead, and in the 7th and 8th innings, Orix hit the line and won 5-2, but in the bottom of the 8th inning, Yakult caught up with Tetsuto Yamada’s 3 runs. Yamada’s swing returned to the start, and it seemed that the flow had gone to Yakult, who had one more win, but immediately after that, Orix, who had won with a single shot from Jones, held back the bottom of the ninth inning and hoped for the sixth round. Taisuke Yamaoka, who shook the stick in the second half of the season with surgery on his right elbow, became the winning pitcher, which also gave momentum to the team and fans.

“Goodbye wins in the first round” “The side who lost the first round shuts out 2-0 in the enemy’s territory in the second round, wins three consecutive wins and takes a check” “The side who got the check in the fifth round is one shot at the end The development such as “winning with” is very similar in 1992 and 21 and on the net,

“Like watching the 1992 Japan Series”
“Maybe it will be a legend like 1992”

Also the voice. It seems that the number of fans who remember the series 29 years ago for the first time in a fierce battle is increasing.

Former Seibu Lotte GG Sato also said after the 4th round, “It’s really similar to the 1992 Japan Series. Yakult is confusing on the Seibu side,” and immediately after the 5th round, “Seriously 92 so far.” “Yakult Japan Series Pace” is posted on Twitter respectively.

What happened after the 6th race in 1992

In the 6th round of 1992, Seibu was tenacious against Yakult who returned to Jingu Stadium and caught up with the tie of 7-7 in the top of the 9th inning, and in the bottom of the 10th inning, Shinji Hata hit a goodbye home run and Yakult made a reverse check. Round 7 was a pitcher match between Seibu / Takehiro Ishii and Yakult / Yoichi Okabayashi. Won.

Ishii and Okabayashi, who threw 10 times without succeeding the 7th round, were selected for the series MVP and the fighting award, respectively. In the battle between Seibu and Yakult, 4 out of 7 games are overtime, and 4 games are settled by 1 point difference.

Orix, who is aiming for a reverse check in Round 6, is sure to start with Yoshinobu Yamamoto, an absolute ace who has won 16 consecutive victories through Pennant CS, but whether Yakult will decide the best in Japan or Orix will bring it to Round 7 as in 1992. As the series progresses, the attention of baseball fans is increasing.

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