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‘Is this true?’ Park Sang-young, another miracle ‘I can do it’ reversal drama[도쿄올림픽]

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Korea’s men’s fencing épée team Park Sang-young roars after winning the men’s epee team match against Switzerland at the Tokyo Olympics on the 30th at Makuharimesse Hall in Japan. yunhap news
Park Sang-young (Ulsan City Hall), a Korean fencing men’s epee signboard, achieved another ‘can do’ miracle.

Park Sang-young competed with Kwon Young-joon (Iksan City Hall), Mase-gun (Busan City Hall), and candidate Jae-ho Song (Hwaseong City Hall) in the men’s fencing men’s epee team quarterfinals at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan on the 30th, and scored 4 points in Greece. It has achieved a continental victory. The men’s épée team, who won 44-39, advances to the semi-finals and competes for the final against Japan.

Initially, the national team led 10-8 until the third round and allowed a 14-15 comeback to Switzerland in the fourth round. In the 5th round, Park Sang-young fought 8-6 to regain a 22-21 lead, and the national team led the team 25-23 until the 6th round.

However, in the 7th round, Young-Jun Kwon was greatly shaken and faced a crisis. They were behind Michele Nigeller 2-7 and allowed a comeback 27-30. Song Jae-ho also failed to make up for it, and he was 30-34 inferior until the 8th round.

However, Park Sang-young remained in the national team. In the final ninth round, Park Sang-young wrote a miraculous comeback drama against Benjamin Steffen. It was a 38-36 turnaround by scoring six points with a quick move in succession. Park Sang-young, who gained momentum, scored 14 storms in the ninth round and secured the victory by 5 points.

Park Sang-young deeply moved the nation with a dramatic comeback gold medal at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics five years ago. In the final, Park Sang-young was 10-14 behind his disciple Imre (Hungary), but he repeated 15 to 14 and achieved a thrilling comeback by repeating that he could do it. Although the medal in the individual event was canceled in Tokyo, she wrote a drama again in the team event.

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