is with the attacked actress; No agreement on Vijay Babu case: Prithviraj – Prithviraj

Thiruvananthapuram – Actor Prithviraj Sukumaran has reiterated his stance that he is with the actress who was attacked while the revelations made by former jail DGP R.Sreelekha regarding the case of assault on the actress are in the news. Prithviraj reiterated his stance that he is with the actress who was attacked in a press conference held with the crew of ‘Katuva’ in Thiruvananthapuram.

The attacked actress is a close friend. Still with them today. Prithviraj also stated that he knew the matter directly from the actress. The reaction came when Prithviraj, who made public his stance on the attack on the actress, was questioned in a press conference about actor-producer Vijay Babu’s non-clarification of his stance on the case of molestation of the new actress.

Prithviraj explained that he had direct knowledge of the incident in which the actress was assaulted, and that he had no idea about the second incident. Prithvi also clarified that she did not attend the meeting of ‘Amma’ attended by Vijay Babu.

“In the first case, the actress who was attacked is my close friend. I have done many films with him. Therefore, what happened is directly known from them. I can assure you that I stand firmly with them in this fight. Not only me, many people who have worked with them have the same attitude’ – said Prithviraj.

“But I am not clear about the second incident. I don’t know about that. I also only know the information you all have written, all of you have shown, and all of you have reported. That’s why I am not ready to respond on this issue” – Prithvi clarified.

“I did not attend that meeting (the meeting of the ‘Amma’ organization attended by Vijay Babu). It is not for me to comment whether Vijay Babu should go there. I have no knowledge about the working methods of the organization or not. Therefore, it is not possible to say authentically about its right and wrong’ – explained Prithviraj.

English Summary: Prithviraj Sukumaran Responds To Actress Attack Case


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