Is your sales team a workforce these days or just a salesperson!?

Part.1 Sales teams in all channels at the moment…

Whether it is a traditional sales team, Direct Selling or Tele-Sales, to the salesperson in the showroom, the sales team at the point of sale in various department stores. to the online sales team in all channels

The interesting question is that each of these Offline and Online sales teams … How many people, what percentage can be sold and sold!? And how many of them, apart from not generating sales, also create problems with a negative attitude towards work!?

Part.2 A sales team that is just a salesperson will have poor career characteristics as follows!

Firstly… come to work in sales to wait for other jobs that are believed to be more stable Getting a job from an interview or interview secretly while working in sales I will resign from my current sales job immediately!

So don’t be surprised that sellers (all channels) are like this. Will do it day by day, not committed, not determined to sell Does not like to learn about sales work. The result is not generating sales as it should be

This type is just a vendor… But not a Workforce!

Secondly… Some people seem to want to work in sales at first. But when doing it for a short time, there are problems, obstacles, frequent rejections from customers. he started to get discouraged and quit In the end, he is forced to do so without much work.

If the leader of the sales team lacks development skills in training This type of sales team The problem became even worse! In the end, this type of worker is not a Workforce!

Part.3 A sales team that is a Workforce will look like this.

A sales team that produces results at Level A and Level B that produces results and income for agencies and organizations. It’s not just a seller by site, but it rarely works.

This type of sales team is open to learning. try to improve yourself Have a pretty good attitude with sales work, products and services sold. even if there is a problem encountering obstacles like others trying to find solutions rather than excuses If you get a team leader with management skills Development and Training will create better results.

Part.4.Sales team which is only Workforce is a real sales team!

The concern for any company with an omni-channel sales team is that there is always a sales team in terms of “Quantity” rather than “Quality”!

Consequently, that company will bear the cost. Lots of monthly salaries and miscellaneous expenses but full of salespeople who sell infrequently, less than half of the workforce.

Companies that understand this principle know that they don’t need a large number of salespeople. But focus on creating sellers to be a Workforce, although there are not many people, but it can generate more and better sales!

Let’s have a look. Which company has only quantitative sales staff? In addition to infrequently generating sales, it also creates various problems that can be solved every day with a negative attitude. of these workers

In terms of Over, the entry and exit rate is very high. of people who are not Must be tired looking for people to fill that place, never completing the team. Because the non-Workforce team will be the one rich with endless repetitive problems like this.

Part 5. If you can create a sales team that is Worforce, you must break the sales team that is not thrown away!

The advice is simple if you want to build your existing sales team across all channels. Actually Workforce

You must have both Courage and understanding!

Courage here means having to dare to break. People who do not have the qualifications to be a Workforce leave as soon as possible!

Because the more you let it go, the more you create all kinds of chronic problems. But sales are rarely the story that should be created!

If this is important, you do not dare to think, do not dare to break, then just forget it. Your team will live with the same problems without your sales team becoming a Workforce.

part understand In this case, it means You must understand that principle If you want to build a sales team (all channels), quality must come before quantity!

The quality of the sales team that will be included in the Workforce must start with a clear direction. you will be building a workforce, not just hiring salespeople!

Because “building” takes time, but “hiring” takes it to fill, but without quality.

The right sales manager or sales leader must be selected. A person who understands sales and sales team management, is a person who can coach, shape and train the sales team.

Because if you get someone who is not in charge of the sales team, that team is often the team that creates more problems than generates sales. due to the lack of experience of the person managing the sales team who cannot manage people Ability to manage sales in the same direction

Getting the right person to manage the sales team The right person will focus on building a quality sales team. A quality men’s team will only have Level A and Level B, which are the two main forces. Then gradually build, gradually mold C-Level employees who could be new employees. or have been living for a while but still not good at it, can develop it to be Level B

This team will not have D Level employees with negative attitudes. or not planning to hate sales work in the team

Part. 6. Last… Last

It’s time for 2023, your sales team across all channels. You will allow the same problems that are full of people but without quality. Or to create quality people to be a Workforce and generate sales for your department and your organisation.

Xing Jia Yu Yi, this song is great May it be a prosperous year for all readers.

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