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‘Welcome to Korea for the first time’ (Photo = Broadcast screen capture)

‘Welcome to Korea’ Isabelle wept bitterly because of the age limit.

In MBC Every1’s ‘Welcome to Korea, this is the first time’ broadcast on the 19th, the David family was depicted on a trip to Suwon Hwaseong Fortress.

On this day, the David family checked their age to buy a ticket to the Korean archery experience. For a moment, Stephanie was taken aback. He knew that he was under the age of 7 years old, but the age limit for the experience of Korean archery was under 7 years old. Stephanie, who was not good at calculating the Korean age, was even more embarrassed because she had informed his son Oliver and daughter Isabelle that the experience was possible in advance.

David said to the children, “You can only experience it from small children to adults.” Stephanie asked, “Should I only buy two adult tickets?” At this, Oliver showed a mature look, saying, “Then just do it for Mom and Dad.”

However, Isabel burst into tears in sadness, and Stephanie, who was embarrassed, said, “Isabel, I understand how you feel. Mom was disappointed, too,” and empathized with the child’s heart and comforted him.

By Shin Ji-won, staff reporter for Tenasia

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