“iScreaM” 18th single aespa “Girls” Remix released by BRLLNT Minit! _song_version_source

Original title: aespa’s 18th single “Girls” “iScreaM” is publicly produced by BRLLNT Minit!

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Korean Entertainment News Sohu “Metaverse group” aespa’s “Girls” remix single was released today (21st).

The 18th single “iScreaM Vol.18: Girls Remixes” from the “iScreaM” project was released today at 12:00 noon (Beijing time) through major domestic and foreign music websites such as QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music, etc. . , and BRLLNT won the 2019 Grammy award nominated for Best Rap/Singing Performance and certified talent, DJ BRLLNT, and DJ Minit, known for his work with many hip-hop musicians, were involved in the remix.

iScreaM Vol.18 – Women Remixes BRLLNT, Minit Pictures

BRLLNT’s remix of “Girls” is a Breakbeat-based song with Jungle and Boom Bap hip-hop vibes, and the bass section and dynamic percussion bring the Groove to make listeners sway their bodies involuntarily .

The Minit version of “Girls” is a mid-tempo Bass Music genre song that combines hard rock vocals and strong Synth bass, while using a fast aggressive guitar riff to maximize the intensity of the original song change.

In addition, at the same time as the audio source, the BRLLNT MV version of “Girls” was released on the SMTOWN YouTube channel, and the Visualizer video of the Minit version of “Girls” was released on the ScreaM Records YouTube channel. Enjoy this remix even more.

In addition, ‘iScreaM’, as a remix audio source release project from SM Entertainment’s EDM label ScreaM Records, is dedicated to releasing remix singles that reinterpret SM Entertainment artists’ songs, and has attracted high attention.Return to Sohu, see more


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