ISIS attacks Kurdish villages, wreaking havoc on peshmerka fighters in Iraq

ISIS attacks Kurdish villages, wreaking havoc on peshmerka fighters in Iraq

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ISIS attacks Kurdish village – On December 3, the AP reported that the warriors Islamic State (IS) forces attacks on Kurdish villages in the north of Iraq Kill at least 12 Kurdish civilians and fighters.

Amid fears of a return to influence of IS in Iraq After the coalition army led by the United States continues to bombard IS losing its occupied territory. Both Iraq and Syria at the end of 256 or four years ago.

ISIS attacks Kurdish village

File Photo: Peshmerga commanders say their troops remain poorly armed compared with Islamic State militants. The attack took place late Thursday in a village in the Makhmour region, triggering a confrontation with Kurdish peshmerga forces. Among the dead were nine peshmerga and three civilians, private broadcaster Rudaw said on its website. REUTERS

Rudaw news site Kurdish local media It said the incident took place late Thursday, Dec. 2, in a village in Makmur district. near Mosul and clash with the Kurdish peshmerka forces. Nine peshmerka fighters and three villagers were killed, while there are no reports from Islamic State forces confirming the attack.

However, despite the loss of many fighters, IS forces including no command base But IS members continue to target Iraqi attacks. especially Iraqi security personnel and peshmerka fighters.

ISIS attacks Kurdish village

File Photo: Kurdish fighters ordered a truck to stop Friday in Sinjar, Iraq. The Islamic State is using suicide drivers to attack their positions on a strategic highway. There was no claim by Islamic State militants for the attack and details were not immediately available. IS was defeated on the battlefield in 2017 but attacks targeting Iraqi security forces — including Kurdish peshmerga fighters — remain common. Credit: Bryan Denton for The New York Times


File Photo: Kurdish Peshmerga fighters gather north of Kirkuk, Iraq October 19, 2017. Militants are still active through sleeper cells in many areas, especially across a band of territory in the north under dispute between federal Iraq and the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government. REUTERS

ISIS attacks Kurdish village

File Photo: Military vehicles belonging to Peshmerga forces after an attack by Isis in Kirkuk. The U.S.-led coalition to defeat IS has announced the end of its combat mission and said troops will withdraw from Iraq by the end of December. Advisers will remain to continue to train Iraqi forces. REUTERS

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