ISL 2021-22: Odisha FC vs SC East Bengal Score Updates: Odisha dominates first half

At the end of the first half, Odisha were leading by three goals to one

Goal rain in East Bengal-Odisha match in the 8th edition of Indian Super League (ISL). Odisha beat East Bengal 6-4 in a 10-goal match. Hector Rodas (33, 40), Xavi Fernandes (45), Aridai Cabrera (71, 90 + 3) and Isaac Vanlalruatfela (83) were the top scorers for Odisha. Darren Sidoyl (13), Thongkhosium Hakip (81) and Daniel Chima (90, 90 + 2) were the other notable contributors for East Bengal.

East Bengal were trying to find the back of the net from the start of the match. Attempts paid off in the 13th minute. Raju Gaekwad’s long throw led to the goal. Darren’s shot unmarked. East Bengal took the lead as the ball easily reached the net.

The energy that gave the first goal was then added to East Bengal’s forward line. They then tried to attack the Odisha goal face. In the first 30 minutes of the match, East Bengal were able to establish a clear dominance over Odisha.

But in the 33rd minute, Odisha came through Rhodes. The equalizer came from a beautiful corner by Xavi. Rodas scored with a header. Xavi-Rodas put Odisha ahead in the 40th minute. This time too, the header from the corner hit the target.

But Odisha was not ready to end the scoring. Odisha doubled their lead after a double. The third goal came just minutes before the end of the first half. This time, Xavi took the corner and sent the ball straight into the net.

Second half with kicks and setbacks

The second half was twice as exciting as the first. Aridai Cabrera opened the scoring in the 71st minute for East Bengal. Cabrera’s first goal gave Odisha a 4-1 lead. Though Odisha looked set to go for an easy victory, East Bengal were not ready to give up the game.

In the 81st minute, Thongkhosium Hakip scored the second goal for East Bengal. M. The goal came from an assist by Rafeeq. Odisha’s fifth goal in two minutes through Isaac Vanlalruatfela. Isaac scored from a beautiful ball by Vanmalsavma.

It was the last minute of the match that tightened the game on the field. Daniel Chima’s first goal in the 90th minute. The goal came from a corner. Two minutes later, the referee awarded a penalty for Odisha’s defensive error. Chima did not miss the kick. East Bengal scored the fourth goal.

The competition has got to the point where anyone can own it. The score is 5-4. Odisha ahead by one goal. It was a match that could go down in history if a draw was scored. Cabrera scored his second goal the very next minute, ending East Bengal’s hopes. Odisha finally wins.



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