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Isn’t it from the Wuhan lab? ‘Covid-19’-like virus found in bats in Laos

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As ‘With Corona’ is approaching, reports have emerged that another virus with a form similar to the Corona 19 virus has been found.

According to the New York Times (NYT) on the 14th (local time), a research team led by Dr. Marc Ellois, a bacteriologist at the Pasteur Institute in France, collected the saliva and feces of 645 bats from a cave in northern Laos last summer.

Then, they found a virus that is 95% or more similar to ‘SARS-Cov-2’, which caused Corona 19, and has high infectivity in humans. The research team said, “In this experiment, 24 viruses were found, and three of them had a ‘molecular ring’ in a form very similar to that of the Corona 19 virus, and could easily bind to human cells.”

Corona 19, which has caused all mankind to suffer, attaches to a receptor called ACE2 on the surface of human cells and infects humans, the research team explains that this virus also has similar characteristics.

In particular, Dr. Elua warned, “Even the penetrating power of the newly discovered virus is much stronger than that of the initial strain of COVID-19.” The results of the study were published online last month and have not yet been published in a scientific journal.

Virus experts are excited about the discovery, the New York Times reported, adding that some experts believe it is possible that a virus similar to SARS-CoV-2 has already often infected humans but has not spread widely. If the conditions are right for it to spread, something like the COVID-19 pandemic could happen.

The New York Times also predicted that the results of the study involving bats in Laos “will ignite a debate over responsibility for the COVID-19 pandemic.” Because the virus found in bats penetrates human cells well, it is not made in a laboratory, but is made in a natural state, which shows that it can be transmitted.

University of Arizona bacteriologist Michael Warroby said: “These results substantiate claims that someone made the virus or that it may have been manipulated in a laboratory to significantly increase human infectivity.”

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