“Isn’t this the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts?” Lee Seung-cheol Namsan view detached house unveiled (‘Groom’s Class’)

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Seungcheol Lee joins the observational entertainment show for the first time in 36 years of his debut, revealing his sweet daily life with his daughter Wonyang.

In Channel A’s ‘These days of men’s life – Groom’s Class’ (hereafter ‘Groom’s Class’), which airs twice at 9:20 pm on the 26th (Wednesday), Lee Seung-cheol plays the role of ‘mentor’ of ‘Wannabe Groom’ Kim Chan-woo, Kim Jun-su, and Young-tak. For the first time in his life, he reveals his daily life and catches the eye. First of all, Lee Seung-cheol’s house, where Namsan Tower can be seen at a glance, boasts a unique scale from the outside, eliciting a response, “Isn’t it the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts?”

Lee Seung-cheol, who said, “I moved to the house for my dog ​​Tae-geuk,” showed the aspect of being a ‘housekeeper’ for 16 years of marriage, such as preparing meals with his skillful cooking skills in the morning and taking care of Tae-geuk with sincerity.

He takes yoga classes at home and boasts the extraordinary flexibility of a ‘concert emperor’.

Above all, Lee Seung-cheol is in charge of riding to school for the youngest daughter, Lee Won-yang, who is the youngest child, and is going to reveal the daily life between the mother and daughter as they are, attracting a lot of attention. Like the confidence that “the score as a father is 100 points”, he prepares food for Lee Won himself and naturally shares his hobbies and interests, giving him freshness.

Curious about Lee Seung-cheol’s ‘No Kkondae’ life as a woman, saying, “The secret is to not have ‘Kkondae’.”

The production team said, “Watching Lee Seung-cheol’s video, Junsu Kim, who was watching Lee Seung-cheol’s video, expressed a fresh shock by saying, ‘The most ideal woman-daughter relationship we’ve seen so far.’ different,” he said.

On the other hand, Channel A’s ‘These Days Men’s Life-Groom Class’ is a real observational entertainment show in which Korea’s representative ‘Wannabe Groomsmen’ receive the ‘Groom Class’ needed in these days and grow into handsome men and good adults. The first episode of Kim Chan-woo, Kim Jun-su, and Young-tak’s daily life, recorded an average rating of 3.1% (based on Nielsen Korea pay TV households) and a maximum of 4.7% per minute, announcing the appearance of the entertainment show ‘Dark Horse’ on Wednesday night.

Episode 2 of ‘Groom’s Class’ will be broadcast on the 26th (Wednesday) at 9:20 PM.

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