Israel finds 3,000-year-old sealed treasure cave in national park | Daily News

The discovery of an ancient treasure cave in Israel It happened on 14 September, when construction workers were renovating the area in the ‘Palmacim Beach’ National Park on the coast. South of Tel Aviv Israel The excavator drilled into the ceiling of an ancient sealed cave to open a hole. making it visible that there is a secret room below

The post describes images and events from the Israel Antiquities Authority Facebook page. Appeared on 19 September, said the group of archaeologists climbed into the cave or secret chamber. and it was found that the space inside appeared to have been closed for a long time without traces of being touched by outsiders

The shape of the man-made cave is rectangular. with a pillar in the middle The interior is filled with pottery and bronze artwork. arranged throughout the area in a manner similar to a funeral arrangement These jars are an offering. which is considered a personal treasure for the deceased to use in the next world

from the initial assessment of age These items were found to be dated around 3,300 years ago, around the reign of Ramses II, in connection with the ‘Exodus’ period of the Old Testament. which describes the journey of the Israelites out of Egypt

However, the post did not specify where the body was found. Or the bones of the deceased inside the cave?

Because the cave is closed to death all the time So, it’s a good opportunity to use today’s technology to check. and explore to find as much information as possible about these pottery and art works. especially information that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Eli Yannai, a Bronze Age expert at the Israel Antiquities Authority, said the cave could help us get a full picture of late Bronze Age funerary traditions.

Most of the pottery found is still in good condition. which has a jar to store Grails and other containers brought from distant lands such as Lebanon and Cyprus. The experts assumed that these items were probably the most expensive items of that period.

after discovery Guards were immediately placed to protect the area, and again, some smugglers managed to steal some of the property in the cave. before the staff close the cave The authorities are investigating the incident.


Image credit: Facebook / AntiquitiesEN

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