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Israel grieves 45 dead, more than 150 injured, falling into dominoes.

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While local media interviewed a group of survivors, they recalled the incident. Suddenly, the waves of the crowd pushed together violently. Causing the group of people standing in front to fall He tries to keep his balance, stand up straight. But in the end, they were pushed into the back row until they collapsed I thought that I would not survive because of being compressed. Until I could barely breathe You have to use your hands to push and push the faces of the people around you.

Later, Israeli rescuers confirmed that at least 45 people were killed in the tragedy and that may have increased due to some in critical condition and was taken to hospital. The medical team is watching the symptoms closely. More than 150 people were injured, including a handful of children. Some of the children in the rescue team managed to resuscitate their lives.

Foreign news agencies reported that the festival was the biggest since the coronavirus outbreak. The year before, it came after Israeli authorities announced the ban on masking in public places. When in mid-Apr due to vaccination The population has exceeded 54 percent, while the festival is common. It is held every year with chanting, singing and dancing to setting fire, archery, and parade overnight.

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