Israel has found 3 cases! Mutated covid B.1.1.529

Israel’s Ministry of Health said: IsraelFound the first strain of covid infection found inSouth Africa from persons returning from the countryMalawi Then found 2 more people who had just returned from abroad as well.Vaccineand now being quarantined

The ministry said it did not specify the number of doses or the type of vaccine injected. News of the new coronavirus outbreak in Israel came a day after scientists in South Africa said: Detected strain of covid B.1.1.529 with at least 10 mutations compared to 2 mutated delta

South African authorities said yesterday (25 Nov) that the species is very worrying. and cause the infection to skyrocket.

For Israel is the first country. vaccinated against COVID-19 last year after agreeing to provide data on vaccine efficacy with Pfizer Currently, from the country’s population of 9 million, more than 5.7 million people have thought of injecting complete dosages.Prime Minister Naftali Bennett Convened a cabinet meeting with public health agencies to listen to the progress of the COVID-19 situation in the country.



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