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Israel says triple-drug vaccine may control outbreak of Delta strain – MCOT Thai News Agency

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JERUSALEM Aug. 24 – Israeli officials and scientists say Israel is seeing signs of a decline in the rate of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) cases and a decline in severe cases from the Delta outbreak. Less than a month after the third dose vaccination was given to people

Reuters reported, citing interviews by a panel of scientists and data from the Israeli Ministry of Health, that in the past 10 days, the COVID-19 outbreak was decreasing in the first group of people who received the triple needle vaccination group. And there are more than 1 million people who have been vaccinated with the triple needle. The spread of the Covid-19 epidemic Among seniors aged 60 and over who received the third dose of vaccination, the trend continued to decline during August 13 and dropped below 1 percent, a sign that people were infected with the coronavirus. Each person has infected on average less than one other person, and this means the outbreak is declining.

A data scientist at the Weissmann Institute of Science and an adviser to the Israeli government said that although the number of Israeli new infections remains very high, the number of new cases is still very high. But what has changed is that the rates of highly infectious and critically ill patients tend to decline. This is expected to be a result of the triple needle vaccination project. first dose vaccination And the weekly number of infected people could be as high as 100,000 until they are naturally immune.

Israel starts vaccinating against COVID-19 Pfizer/Biotech’s third dose was given to people aged 60 and over from July 30, and the third dose was reduced to those aged 40 and older on Thursday. But only those who have had two doses of vaccination for at least five months. Israel now has more than 999,000 infected people and more than 6,800 deaths. – Thai news agency

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