Issues Innos Defective Performance Warranty for Up to 10 Years

Innos announced that it will issue the industry’s first SGI Seoul defect performance guarantee certificate after implementing its own after-sales system and building its own logistics warehouse to improve brand reliability.

The defect performance guarantee certificate is one of the contract guarantee certificates guaranteed by SGI Seoul Guarantee, and is a guarantee policy issued by the insurance company in case the supplier fails to carry out the normal handling process on for defects.

The warranty policy issued by Innos is valid for up to 10 years. If the supplier does not handle the defect properly after the defect has occurred, the customer can take care of the defect through a public organization, and payment can be made amount of damage to the insurance company After the claim is made, the amount of damage is paid to the customer through the insurance company.

The issuance of the warranty certificate is applied to the recently launched 23-year line of Google TV Zero Edition, and is given only to business operators, not to general purchasing customers.

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