“It came out”… Today’s uproar, I’m’SPA’ Karina ending (video)


While Espa made the second stage after their debut stage in’Inkigayo’, the Karina ending attracted attention.

In SBS’Inkigayo’, which aired on the 22nd, SM Entertainment’s new female idol Espa, who recently debuted, unfolded. On this day, Espa released their debut song’Black Mamba’.

Naver TV, SBS’Inkigayo’

Espa, who appeared in a black costume that day, drew attention with a gorgeous visual. He was a newcomer and showed perfect control of the stage. Karina gave a perfect ending.

In an interview conducted before the stage, Espa said, “Thank you for sending me a lot of interest and love.”

Karina’s ending scene attracted explosive topics in various social media and online communities. Netizens showed hot reactions such as “I didn’t know that the debut stage was pretty, but it’s really pretty”, “It’s a new SM award”, “I think the makeup light is much better”, “I’m really crazy”, “There’s a reason to be a center.”



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