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Is small justice?

The Nintendo Switch, which is still popular five years after its release. Adults and children can enjoy it as an entertainment when they are at home, but it is difficult to bring a set to a friend’s house when returning home.

Many hubs and adapters that solve such problems are on sale, but this time, we specialize in small size.miniDOCKIs an introduction.

It looks like an ultra-compact USB Type-C hub,Can be used as a dock for Nintendo Swich mentioned above as well as PCs and tabletsThe feature is.

If you have one, it will be useful for both play and work, so let’s check the details immediately!

Very small size that is not troublesome for storage

Image: Lumen Akari

“Mini DOCK” is also compatible with PCs, tablets and game consolesLightweight and compact USB Type-C hub.

Recent notebook PCs have few ports and are being unified to USB Type-C, so I think that many people have some kind of USB hub, but it is rare that it is so small.

Image: Lumen Akari

The body is strong and lightAluminum specificationsWeighs only 13gIt seems that it is lighter than two 500-yen coins.Also the thickness10mmSo it doesn’t get in the way even if you put it in the case of the game console.

Image: Lumen Akari

The vertical and horizontal size is53 x 25mm.. Even if you connect it to a smartphone, it fits in the width, so it seems to be nice to connect an external device.

Minimum of 3 ports

Image: Lumen Akari

There are only 3 carefully selected ports because the size is only the size.For videoHDMIThere are still many opportunities to play an active roleUSB Type-A,andPD compatible USB Type-C port that can also be chargedIt has become.

If you don’t use SD cards often, it’s a sufficient configuration.

Function is necessary and sufficient

Image: Lumen Akari

HDMI portSupports 4K60Hz.. If it is a Nintendo Switch with full HD as the upper limit, you can use it without problems.

If you want to enjoy 4K video, enjoy it on a compatible monitor and PC.

Image: Lumen Akari

USB Type-C portPD100W compatible.. You can use it with a high-spec notebook PC such as MacBook Pro while charging it firmly with a compatible adapter.

The lightweight and compact USB Type-C hub “miniDOCK” that fits in your pocket and can also be used for Nintendo Switch is currently running a great campaign on the crowdfunding site machi-ya.

At the time of writing, it was possible to order from 2,780 yen (shipping and tax included), which is 20% off for a single item. The price is reasonable, so it might be a good idea to leave one!

Please check the link below for details.

Image: Lumen Akari
Source: machi-ya, YouTube

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