It earned a cumulative deficit of 170 billion… Seoul Paik Hospital closed after 82 years

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Inje University Seoul Paik Hospital

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(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Oh Jin-song = Inje Seoul Paik University Hospital in Jung-gu, Seoul is going through the process of closing after 82 years of opening.

On the 5th, an official from Seoul Paik Hospital said, “We plan to hold a board meeting on the 20th and vote on the closure of Seoul Paik Hospital, which was decided by the normalization task force of Seoul Paik Hospital.”

If the closure plan is passed, Seoul Paik Hospital, which opened in 1941 under the name ‘Paik Excluding Surgical Hospital’, will disappear into history in 82 years.

The reason why the bill was proposed to the board of directors is because of the accumulated deficit over the last 20 years. Until this year, Seoul Paik Hospital’s cumulative deficit reached 174.5 billion won.

Seoul Paik Hospital has been implementing control normalization TF since 2016 to overcome control difficulties.

According to an official at Seoul Paik Hospital, the hospital reduced the number of beds from 276 to 122 in 2017 and converted it into an intern training hospital to reduce labor costs and did not accept residents. He is also remodeling the ward and investing 3 to 5 billion won annually, but he could not escape the deficit.

Inje Academy, a school corporation, announced that even if Seoul Paik Hospital is closed, the employment of nearly 400 employees will be taken over by other hospitals in the corporation. Inje Academy operates Sanggye, Ilsan, Busan, and Haeundae hospitals as well as Seoul Paik Hospital.

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