It has arrived. Rice income insurance 64/65. The 16th installment. Check the latest rice difference.

Rice income guarantee, year 64/65, installment 16, check the rice difference Farmers’ income insurance check Reference base price and price difference compensation for rice farmers

The latest 2064/65 rice farmers income insurance program The 16th installment has been released. The Subcommittee on Supervision and Setting the Central Criteria Reference for the Rice Farmers Income Insurance Project has resolved at the 30th meeting of the 2021 meeting to approve the setting of the reference price and compensation for the difference. “Rice price guarantee” for rice farmers year 2064/65 Round 1 (16th installment) for farmers who notify the harvest date between 21-27 Jan. 20 as follows:

Reference benchmark price Price insurance for farmers, farmers, installment 16

  • jasmine rice end of the harvest season
  • Hom Mali Paddy, outside the area, 11,277.37 baht per ton
  • Pathum Thani fragrant rice, 10,302.60 baht per ton.
  • Paddy rice, 8,545.50 baht per ton
  • Glutinous paddy rice 10,375.77 baht per ton

Check the latest year 64 65 difference money

In terms of compensation for the difference between the income insurance price and the benchmark price There are different ratios that banks for agriculture and agricultural cooperatives use to pay rice farmers. For the payment of the 16th installment as follows:

  • jasmine rice end of the harvest season
  • Hom Mali paddy outside the area, compensation of 2,722.63 baht per ton
  • Pathum Thani aromatic paddy, compensation 697.40 baht per ton
  • Paddy rice compensation 1,454.50 baht per ton
  • Glutinous paddy, compensation of 1,624.23 baht per ton

Rice income insurance for the 16th installment

How to check the 64/65 rice price insurance money via the website as follows:

1. Go to website

2. Enter your 13-digit identification number.

3. If the money has been transferred successfully The system will say “Transfer money successfully” if not showing information Please contact the farmer registration agency according to the type of crops that are eligible for the project.

In addition, farmers can also check the rice difference whether they have received it or not through the Farmbook app of the Department of Agricultural Extension.

Farmers income insurance 63/64

Or you can check whether the rice price insurance has been transferred to your account or not at the BAAC A-Mobile application.

Source: Department of Internal Trade DIT



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