It has been reported that when using the Instagram or TikTok camera on the iPhone 14 Pro, it vibrates and makes a strange noise, making it impossible to take pictures | au economy web portal / IT news

The main selling point of the iPhone 14 Pro is its advanced 48-megapixel main camera, but when using third-party camera apps like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, the camera shakes and makes a reported physical noise.
iPhone 14 Pro camera shakes and shakes in TikTok, Snapchat, and other apps – 9to5Mac
Some iPhone 14 Pro cameras shake when using TikTok, Snapchat, and others – The Verge
On the iPhone 14 Pro, Reddit and Twitter users on foreign bulletin boards report that the camera shakes and makes noise when a third-party camera app is launched. One Reddit user said, “iPhone 14 Pro Max camera shake is terrible! Every time I use the camera on Snapchat or Instagram, the camera shakes uncontrollably. Is it a hardware problem or is it” n third party application problem?”

Another user said, “I picked up the new iPhone 14 Pro, but Snapchat has intermittent camera shake. Does anyone else have the same experience?”Mysterious vibration I report that he experienced the phenomenon.

According to 9to5Mac, users reporting vibrations and mysterious noises in the iPhone 14 Pro camera on Reddit and Twitter said they’ve had problems with third-party apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok.
In fact, multiple users have reported in video format that mysterious vibrations occur when a third-party camera app is launched on the iPhone 14 Pro.
The following video shows how Snapchat was launched on the iPhone 14 Pro and the camera was used. You can also see that the screen shakes in small steps, and when you bring the camera closer to the main camera of the iPhone 14 Pro, you can hear the noise.
iPhone 14 Pro Snapchat camera shake – YouTube

The following video shows the situation when TikTok is started on the iPhone 14 Pro and the camera is used. The noise is much louder than the previous video, and it seems like it will break down at any moment.
TikTok iPhone 14 Pro camera shake – YouTube

Luke Miani, a gadget-based YouTuber who posts Apple-related videos, also reports that using Snapchat causes the iPhone 14 Pro Max camera to vibrate, making it impossible to take accurate photos.
So uh, we’re having some issues with the 14 Pro Max camera — Luke Miani (@LukeMiani) September 16, 2022

This iPhone 14 Pro camera shake is a problem that only happens when using the camera with a third-party app, so it’s “almost certainly a software bug” and the “third-party app causing the problem may not would have been compatible with the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera is changing, and the camera module itself is shaking, so it could be an optical image stabilization issue,” reports 9to5mac. I’m here.
The Verge has asked Apple if they are aware of this issue, but there appears to be no response at the time of writing.

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