It has begun! Bangkok Street Performer opens 7 areas across the city for artists to open their hats to showcase their skills.

On Thursday and Friday night last week If anyone had had the chance to pass through Sukhumvit subway station and Chong Nonsi Skywalk, they would have met two men. guitar stand Singing international songs of the 80s and country music bands These musicians are part of the artists who opened their hats. who participated in the project “Bangkok Street Performer, Open Hat Artists in Bangkok” organized by Bangkok Metropolitan Administration

Bangkok Street Performer Artists open their hats in Bangkok. It is one of the policies to promote public spaces in Bangkok. It is a space for music and performing arts (street shows) to create social, economic and cultural movements, which Bangkok Agored recruits artists and actors. (individual artists and groups), youth and general categories to play music and participate in the project

by a hat artist who comes to play music or perform various performances in public places in Bangkok has been determined to be able to show skills in exchange for compensation that viewers are willing to give voluntarily and the public can come and visit Including supporting artists who open hats There will be performances “every day” from today at various times arranged by Bangkok as follows:

  • Areas within Kamphaeng MRT Phet Station
  • Areas within Chatuchak MRT Station
  • Areas at Rama 9 MRT Station
  • Areas at Sukhumvit MRT Station
  • Pathumwan Intersection Elevated Link
  • high contact area of ​​Sathorn-Narathiwat intersection
  • The elevated walkway at ICONSIAM

and to support new artists People can capture impressive images or moments. Share via social media channels using the hashtag #BKKstreetperformer. hat #artist in all channels or via Facebook fan page: Bangkok

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